Saturday, March 8, 2008

Here we go again...

We are so excited to begin the journey to our next child! We began this process as we did Sophie Le's adoption, with our hearts wide open in regards to which country our next child would be from. We have researched many agencies and many different programs. We couldn't be happier and we have such a peace about our decision to adopt from...Ethiopia!!!

Our agency has three applications (yes, three). We have completed two so far and are awaiting number three. The paperwork stage of the Ethiopian process is very similiar to the Vietnam process. After we complete the application stage, we will have a homestudy, file the I-600a and gather our dossier documents. As soon as we complete these steps (and have our I-171H, the approval of our I-600a), we will officially be on the waiting list for our next child :o)