Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little progress

We received our last application and dossier instructions last Thursday. The application is broken down into three sections and we are working through them. We mailed off the first batch of paperwork this weekend. We scheduled our doctor's appointments for the first part of April so things are looking pretty good. We also have a game plan for our I-600a, apparently things have changed since we did this before. I am lucky enough to keep in touch with several families that are currently adopting in Central AR and they let me in on a much quicker way to file the I-600a (which becomes an I-717H when approved). When we did this before, we filed in Memphis and had to wait for an appointment time. We then drove to Memphis to be fingerprinted and had to wait a few months to get our approval in the mail (the last piece of documentation we need to be placed on the waiting list). Now LR residents can choose either Ft. Smith or Memphis. Ft. Smith has much quicker processing times, like weeks :o) We can also schedule our appointments online much quicker, as early as tomorrow! We are going to wait until we have our homestudy in hand before we get our appointment since the wait is so much shorter.

The courts in Ethiopia close every year during rainy season. We received an email today letting us know that the courts will close from August 8 until the beginning of October this year. This will only effect us if we are waiting on a court date, meaning we have already received a referral or if we received a referral during this time frame.