Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Getting Closer to "The List"

We have made great progress on our application and dossier requirements. We had our doctor's visits today & yesterday. The blood tests weren't fun and I am glad that part is over. I just hate needles! As long as these TB spots don't get big over the next day or so, we should be okay :o) Our general doctor is so great. He is very supportive of adoption and has expressed his desire to adopt many times. He gladly filled out six forms for us today, yes SIX, and didn't charge us for the visit (he didn't charge us for the adoption physical for Sophie Le's adoption either).

Our homestudy social worker called last week and scheduled our home visit for next Monday. Yea! I am not sure, but it sounds like we will only have one visit. That would be great. We are hoping to be on the waiting list sometime in May or early June! The wait time for a referral is quoted at 3-5 months, but is expected to increase to 4-6 months soon.

Things seem to be going so much smoother this time around. I guess things are easier when you have cheat sheets :o) For example, last time it took three letters written by two people at BlueCross to get a medical insurance letter that was acceptable for our agency. This time I was able to call the lady directly that wrote our letter two years ago, she changed the date at the top of the original letter and I received it in the mail the next day! Nice!!

On the other hand, things seem to be getting even more complicated in the world of Vietnam adoptions. Read the latest here. I understand and applaud the folks that are trying to eliminate (or reduce) corruption, but this is just crazy. I can't see how this change is going to help. What about the kids that have been living in the orphanage for years? What about the mothers who don't want anyone to know they had a baby? If they have to travel to HCMC or Hanoi to get the DNA test, it will be hard to keep it a secret. This new rule just seems like it is going to cause alot of stress and confusion for the birthmothers and adoptive parents and still not help do anything about the questionable abandoned baby cases. I definitely don't have the answers on how to make things better, but implementing changes like this doesn't seem positive. Hopefully there will be some answers soon to the many questions that are out there right now. Prospective adoptive parents are still trying to recover from the I-600 changes and now this, my heart goes out to them. For the record, I think the I-600 changes were great. I wish the form could be processed quicker, but hopefully they are working on that.