Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We had our homestudy visit yesterday afternoon with our social worker, Andrea. The girls did pretty good :o) Hillary Ashton started getting a cold yesterday morning (she stayed home from school today) so she was not quite herself. She acted very shy (very unlike herself) and flipped around alot. Sophie Le was also not quite herself. She was extremely outgoing! She giggled and smiled the whole time. She even climbed on the couch and sit right beside the sw. You would have never guessed she is the shy one :o) It was great seeing her so open and comfortable.

Our sw was super nice, but once it got to the individual interviews I was wishing we would have just paid the extra $500 and got Kimberly, our Dillon sw, to do our homestudy! It is an awkward feeling having someone you just met ask you about your childhood memories, your parent's parenting style, to describe your parents, etc. It is just things I never think about so it is kinda hard to come up with an answer. I just don't remember answering those types of questions before. Probably did, just blocked it as we did the many delays & frustrations of Sophie Le's adoption. It did help that our sw was, as I said before, really nice and easy to talk to! It was also very fascinating to hear about the work she does with domestic adoption, more specifically counseling birthmothers.

One other "interesting" thing that happened yesterday was we found termites at our house! A few hours before the sw was scheduled to arrive, I saw some by the door in the garage! Ugg!! What great timing. We have had them twice before, but thankfully the damage has been very minor. The last time we found them was about this time last year, also in the garage. We were packing the car to leave for the airport... within the hour to go to Rome. What great timing these little boogers have!

One of the documents that we had to send Gladney was our Vietnam homestudy that Dillon completed. I glanced through it and was surprised to see that Hillary Ashton was seventeen months old when we did our last homestudy visit, the exact age Sophie Le is now. What a coincidence!

Our sw said that we can expect to receive our completed homestudy in about a month...yea!! As soon as we get that, we will make an appointment for our fingerprints in Fort Smith. We asked her about the current wait time and she said that referrals are coming in about 3-4 months (once you are on the list). How exciting!!

We have almost all of our dossier documents ready to go, still waiting on our life insurance letters. I am not sure why these are taking so long.

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