Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forever Family Day

On May 15, 2007, Le Thi Phuong Thiet legally became our daughter. Words cannot describe how joyous and special this day will always be to our family. We are so blessed to be little Thiet's forever family! Thanks be to God!


We spent about six hours with Sophie Le before the morning we arrived at the orphanage to take her with us forever. When we walked through the door that beautiful day, she was sitting in a swinging crib. She was as calm, quiet and still as I can remember ever seeing her. Her nanny's had her dressed in a handmade pair of overalls with a white t-shirt. The overalls were red, white and blue with a little embroidered mouse on the front, the straps and bottom had a USA pattern material with stars. She was wearing a diaper for the first time and her two bottle were ready to go. Hillary Ashton walked straight over to her bed, touched her arm and asked her if she was ready to go. That particular moment is burned in my memory. After tearful goodbyes, we traveled to the local justice department. It was so very surreal to have this precious, tiny baby in my arms as we rode through the streets of Ninh Thuan. We had prayed for her for several years, gazed at her pictures for hours on end, and now she was with us...forever. She slept the entire car ride and through most of the Giving and Receiving Ceremony. Although I know she must have been overwhelmed, she seemed so content to be with her family that day...the family she cried upon seeing only two days before. In fact, from the second day we met Sophie Le until she had been home over six months, our girl never once cried while we held her.

Forever Family Day, 2007

Back at the hotel

Forever Family Day, 2008


I couldn' t resist one more!


For those still reading, here are a few more pictures from our G&R day last year (click on the image below for larger pics):

And the video segment from that day:

I cannot describe how blessed and humbled we are to be part of her family.

Happy Forever Family Day, Sophie Le Thiet Arnold!! We LOVE you!


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Dan and Elisabeth said...

Happy Forever Family Day!! She is such a happy beautiful girl. Now I want to see her in those overalls next year. :)