Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little bump in the road...

I got an email back from Gladney regarding the dossier documents I sent last week and I thought to myself, things are still looking pretty good. No major changes required, just a picture of the nursery and changing child to children on one page. I can handle that :o) I am feeling pretty good about having everything wrapped up soon. Until...while trying to go to sleep, I started to mentally go over the to-do list included at the bottom of the email...Homestudy, CIS letter, FBI Clearance letters...okay, no problem...wait, what?!?!...FBI Clearance packet...what in the world is that? I jumped out of bed and rushed to the computer. Sure enough, while reading the dossier manual a month ago, I overlooked one important step. FBI Clearance! Ugg. I just assumed that the FBI Fingerprinting Clearance packet was the same as the fingerprints we are required to do for CIS. What is it they say about assuming? I emailed Gladney to make sure we are suppose to have our fingerprints done twice. Of course, the answer was yes. So we went to the State Police Headquarters today to have our fingerprints done. Our fingerprint cards are now on there way to the FBI in WV, scheduled to be there tomorrow. The FBI usually has a turn around of SIX WEEKS..UGG!!! At the suggestion of our agency, we wrote in big letters across the front of the envelope: "URGENT - INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION." I am not sure if that makes a difference or not, but I am holding out hope :o)

This all reminds me to well of the delay we had in completing our dossier for Vietnam. We had everything together and then I realized my passport had my maiden name on it! I had to apply for a name change and it took six weeks to get my new passport. I remember being so frustrated as I checked the mail each day for my new passport. Looking back I realize that I received my passpot in God's perfect timing. If I had not had the delay, we would have been on the waiting list a month sooner and may not have been referred our perfect little angel,Sophie Le! Sometimes it is easy to feel like we have control over this process (and life), but thank goodness we don't! It is in HIS hands. His timing and His plan is so much better than I could ever imagine. Please remind me of this when I begin stalking the FedEx guy in a few weeks!

Now in our attempt to pictorially document more of the pre-travel phase of this adoption, here is our fingerprint picture from this afternoon :o)

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