Saturday, May 17, 2008

Loving the weather...

Our family has really been enjoying the nice weather lately. The girls & I went to the Zoo with some friends on Friday. We had a great time, but little Le got so tired! She tested my patience by throwing a FULL blown tantrum during lunch and then melted my heart by falling asleep in the wagon a few minutes after we left the cafe!

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Today we went back to the Zoo with Daddy. Hillary Ashton really enjoyed telling Daddy all about the animals that she saw yesterday. I think visiting the zoo is one of Le's favorite outings. She loves pointing to the different animals and repeating their names. So very sweet! Her verbal "skills" still amaze me. After the zoo, we came back to the house and the girls played in the sprinklers and we cooked out. What a fun day! Today is my daddy's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Pops!! We love you!!!!

Here are some pics from today:

I was actually pretty surprised when Neil easily agreed to impersonate a flamingo for the camera :o) Hope he doesn't mind I blogged it, haha!

Daddy & Hillary Flamingo in front of the real flamingos
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