Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mom's Party Day

Hill's school had a Mom's Party today. When I walked in, Hillary Ashton ran over, gave me a kiss and grabbed my hand. She then quickly lead me to the refreshment table and started fixing ME a plate. How sweet! She placed grapes, strawberries and a cookie on my plate. She then made herself a plate which consisted of strawberries, cheese, crackers and a cookie. I thought it was really thoughtful of her to include grapes on my plate. She doesn't care for grapes, but she knows I like them. I was thinking to myself, "Wow, my girl is just the sweetest thing. She is just so thoughtful to make me a plate of snacks." Then another mom walked in and the teacher told the kid, "Remember to go and give your mom a kiss and make her a plate." Okay, so they were instructed before we got there to be sweet to us and make us a plate, but she still did that :o) She then proceeded to quickly eat her snacks, my strawberries and my cookie, oh well, I don't like cookies anyway. She was nice enough to leave the grapes, but as I mentioned before, she doesn't like them :o) So I am beginning to think she had this plan devised before I arrived. Make two plates of treats, and just pass one off as mommy's. This is probably why she was so excited to see me, they couldn't eat the snacks until their mommy arrived :o)

After snack time, the teacher read us a couple stories. Wow, how great to be three years old and have people read stories to you. It was actually really nice to sit on the colorful mat and be read to :o)

After storytime, the kids presented us with special presents. The teacher told us that they had reminded the kids several times over the last week to not tell us what they made for us. Hill did pretty good, she had kept it a secret until last night :o)

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the plate and card she made for me. I will always remember this special morning with my sweet Hill, even if she ate my snacks :o)

Me & Hill

Hillary Ashton presenting me with a beautifully wrapped present.

Hillary Ashton reading the card.

The most beautiful plate in the world.

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