Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A private matter?

Okay, this is something I had thought about sharing before, but I decided the subject matter was too sensitive for blog world. However, today Hillary Ashton made it a public matter so I feel it is fair game for the blog.

Hillary Ashton shocked us a few weeks ago by going all night without having an accident. We didn't expect her to have this type of control for at least a year. We quickly rewarded her with an ice cream cone. She continued this positive behavior for about a week until...the ice cream stopped.

Fast forward to this morning. She woke up dry so she was rewarded chocolate ice cream for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to the library for story time. The librarian read a book about different animals and what types of food they like to eat. One the last page, there was a big bowl of ice cream and she asked the kids "who eats ice cream?" Of course, my ever vocal child sitting at the front of the room stands up, turns to face the room full of people and announces, "I ate a big bowl of chocolate ice cream for breakfast this morning because I didn't tee tee in my panties last night." So much for modesty.

Did I mention that the story time theme today was "eating healthy"?

Since we have divulged the private matter, here are the pictures from a few weeks ago enjoying her ice cream cone.



Couldn't resist a sleeping baby pic!


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