Monday, June 9, 2008

An addition to the nursery...

Hillary Ashton was never much of a rocking baby. She enjoyed it when she was newborn until around six months and then she decided if she could move, she would. At almost four, she has finally slowed down a bit and will often want to cuddle/rock at night. Sophie Le on the other hand has been a BIG cuddle baby from day one. Definitely an answered prayer ;o) You can hold her like a baby and she will let you rock her as long as you wish. I LOVE IT (so does Daddy)! We have been using a glider rocker that my parent's had in their house many, many, many years ago. We recovered it for each of the girl's nurseries and it has definitely served its purpose. However with a new babe on the horizon, we have decided to upgrade :o) We ordered a super comfy rocker from Pickles and Ice Cream over the weekend (a birthday present from my sweetie!). I am super excited.

Here is the rocker:

The material will be a soft, green color with a circular design. Here is the pattern in red.

It is suppose to arrive in about five weeks and I am looking forward to rocking some babies :o) We have also decided to redo the nursery for the new babe, so stayed tuned for pics :o)


Willis said...

That rocker is super nice, and I like the pattern. I am so happy about your upcoming adoption. I think it is wonderful that you are continuing to add to your family!
Looking forward to upcoming pics of him/her.


Anonymous said...

So cute!! I can't wait to see it in the new room. :) It was SO much fun seeing your family this weekend!!

The Jennings said...

Love the rocker! We need together soon! Yes, it is 2:30AM- I am up packing for a little mini vacation to Branson tomorrow. No time to pack until now. Gretchan

The Garners said...

We have that chair (or one very similar) in A's room (in that green fabric!!), and I love it!!! I LOVE to rock Alexee. I was sad when R outgrew being rocked.