Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vietnamese Heritage Weekend

Our family traveled to Tulsa this past weekend for our very first Vietnamese Heritage Camp! Dillon organized a fun-filled weekend to allow families that have adopted from Vietnam and families currently in the process to join together for fellowship, fun, food and cultural festivities! We were so excited to meet up with our travel buddies, the Brodts! We just love sweet little Noah and his family. We have a picture of Noah on our refrigerator at home. Hillary Ashton loves getting the picture down and asking Sophie Le is she remembers Noah. She'll say, "Sissy, this is Noah. 'Member him? Sissy, do you member Nooooah? He is from Vetnom too. He's sooo cute. Do you memeber him? It's Noah, sissy. Sissy, can you hear me?" I wish you could see it, it is so funny.

I was also so excited to finally meet many families we have come to know through the blog world. It was so wonderful to finally meet so many of the sweet families we have watched grow through adoption over the last few years. The children...oh my goodness...they were all just so precious! It was so neat to see the children in person...the children we have watched from the first referral pictures, to the first meeting with their families in Vietnam and now, at home with their forever families. I would have loved to have more time to talk to the moms, but when you are chasing around a very, busy 19 month old and a very, outgoing almost 4 year old that doesn't leave much time for chit chat! I am with Dianna, there needs to be an adult only time next year :o)

We were also able to meet our adoption caseworker. She was an saint during our process. Always willing to talk to us even if there was nothing to say :o) I am not sure where her patience or energy comes from, but she seems to have more than an abundance!

On Saturday, the kids stayed in a large room together (a VERY large room) while the parents attended a workshop next door. I wasn't sure how Sophie Le would do being left in a new place, but I handed her over to Nadra (PLEASE pray that Nadra receives travel approval soon, she has been waiting way to long!!) and she did fine :o) I knew Hillary Ashton would do fine, I was just nervous that she would make herself too at home! The first night we were there, Hillary Ashton walked up the stairs just as the festivities began and stood by the person making announcements on stage...oh my! When I met our caseworker, Jynger, she reported that Hillary Ashton volunteered several times Saturday morning to repeat Vietnamese words into the microphone...hummm! Oh goodness. I am not sure if that child has a shy bone in her body!

We were pretty concerned that sleeping away from home was going to be a problem, but Sophie Le did GREAT!! It was such a relief, much better than our FL trip last fall! The girls had a room to themselves...don't worry, it was a suite :o) Hillary Ashton thought the pull-out sofa was the greatest thing and Sophie Le couldn't have been more happy to get into the crib. So happy in fact, that when we got home I put the front back on her crib. She is one happy camper!

I can't believe I didn't take more pictures than I did! I am so glad we went and I am already looking forward to next year!

Here are the few pictures I took. Thankfully there was a professional photographer taking pictures, I am looking forward to seeing those pictures! I will share them if possible.


Rachel said...

FUN!!! I am so sad I missed it. I remember last year when you didn't make it but said you would come this year. I was so excited to meet you...and then what happens? I couldn't come this year. Major Bummer! Glad you had a good time though.

And, I don't mean to rudely carry anything over from my blog to yours, but I absolutely LOVE how passionate discussions can take place in a nice manner. We may have to agree to disagree on some things, but I think we have a lot in common otherwise...and I just love reading about your cute family.

The Garners said...

This is so neat, Amy! I'm sure it was a special time for your family!

Dan and Elisabeth said...

We had SO much fun with you all! I do think there will be a time Noah doesn't run from Hillary Ashton OR Sophie Le if they try to kiss him. :)