Wednesday, July 30, 2008

God's Big Backyard...

...that was the theme of this year's Vacation Bible School at our church. Since I "taught" in Sophie Le's class last year, I decided to teach Hillary Ashton's class this year. I will just say, Sophie Le and her friends are much calmer than Hill's! There were approximentaly 115 4 year olds enrolled this year! Praise God! Luckily they were broken up into four classes :o) Hillary Ashton had a great time learning about serving God, her community, her friends and her family. The theme was "God's Big Backyard." The kids LOVED the theme this year. One of the youth dressed up as Cooper the dog, this year's mascot. The kid's in our class would have been no less excited if Barney had walked through the door. Anytime they spotted him, they squealed and jumped up and down. I had one little boy ask me, ever so seriously, if Cooper was a real dog or if he was dressed up!! Haha! Kid's crack me up. Before he asked, I noticed him and two of his friends in a deep discussion. We had a great time, but we were worn out at the end of the week. There were around 1100 kid's enrolled and around 56 kid's were wonderful!!
Here is Hillary Ashton and her friends, K and A:


Here are a few of the crafts Sophie Le did in her is a funny coincidence that K's and A's moms were Sophie Le's teachers :o)



I was told that Sophie Le was the only child in her class that would smile for picture :o) Those are her fingerprints on the side of the picture.


And just for fun, here she is last year at VBS...only weeks after we got home from Vietnam!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another week down...

Monday, July 28, 2008

A day with my big girl...

I try to do my best to spend a day (or morning) with each of my girls alone on a regular basis...well not necessarily alone, but where they are the only child and get all of the attention :o) During the school year this is pretty easy because each girl has their separate activities, but during the summer it get a little tougher. In fact, this summer I haven't done a very good job having "Hill days" or "Soph days"

This past week, we took Sophie Le to MDO for the day while Hillary Ashton and I spent the day together. Here are a few of my favorite pics (I can't believe how grown up she looks!!!).

Our first stop was at the pool where we met up with a couple friends:

If you read my post about SeaWorld, then you can imagine the excitement Hillary Ashton felt when she found a "Shamu" at the pool. She rode it all around the pool. I couldn't get a pic of that or she would have fallen off :o) She also insisted in taking it with her to have a snack.
Sweet girl
I just LOVE the expression on her Hillary Ashton!
Next we picked up pasta at a local Italian place (her fave) and we took it to the park to have lunch with daddy. She was so excited about the merry go round, she didn't eat much of her lunch. Of course, she was "starving" by the time we left the park. Here are several pics of her on the merry go round...I just love the expressions she makes.
I didn't notice at the time, but daddy is sticking his tongue out at me...shame on you, daddy!
I can't believe how blessed I am to have this beautiful little girl in my life!
This child has such a joyful personality.
Afterwards, we went to pick up Sissy...we missed her a bunch :o) Thanks for a fun day Miss Hill Ash!

Friday, July 25, 2008

All in how you look at it...

"Mama, thanks for bringing us here so we could drive in the car." ~Hillary Ashton

And I thought we were shopping for groceries. Haha!



Mommy's little helpers...

I feel very blessed that both of my girls are always eager to help with chores around the house. Yesterday, I asked them to take daddy's socks into his room and put them in his sock drawer. After about 10 minutes or so they came back into the kitchen giggling...


Another fun day at the lake...

Hillary Ashton loves playing with her toys. She can sit for hours on end with a bucket full of little dolls. They have conversations, run errands between rooms and sing songs...lots and lots of songs. It is very amusing to watch. Anyways, when we leave the house she always runs to gather up a handful of toys to take with her. I always tell her, "you can only bring one." If you saw the floor of my yukon, you'd understand why this rule is in place. I have no idea how, but she always has tons of dolls and babies in there. It kinda drives me crazy! If she can only take one and we bring it back in the house with us, where are these toys coming from!!! Anyways, on this particular day she chose to take Woody and because you can't split up BFFs, Jesse had to come to...I think this is how it begins. She loves playing cowboy with Woody and Jesse. If you're ever in the grocery store and you hear a little girl yelling things like, "yeehaw, cowboy" or "run like the wind, bulls eye!", we are a couple rows over.

So, here's the cowfolks - Woody, Hillary Ashton and Jesse.

This statement will come at no surprise...I think Sophie Le is a beautiful child. Seriously. Not only that, I think she is very photogenic. I rarely get a *bad* pic of her. With that being said, I am not sure what was going on here...

Here is a pic of daddy with his girls.

Just a check to make sure they remember how old they are...

Look what we found...a rock in the shape of Africa!!

Daddy and his girls skipping rocks

My oldest loves everything exaggerated. No surprise, she wanted to throw the big rocks in the water.

She does everything at full force. She didn't mind at all that it knocked her down.

Her signature happy dance.

Hard to believe this is the same child that screamed in terror at the mere mention of taking a bath for the first several months she was home.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A few more of my favorite pics...

Beautiful rainbow outside our hotel window:
Our free spirited child:
Sisters searching for sea shells:
Sisters following the birds:
Ring around the rosey:
Sophie Le repeatly picked up sand with her hands and studied it as it fell through her tiny, little fingers:
American Flag:
Breakfast at the beach playground next door to our hotel:
Here I come:
Taking a break at Seaworld:
Girls pretending to sleep in their "cool little girl bed" Hillary Ashton made:
This was the dolphin and whale show:
Such a poser!
I am not kidding!
Hillary Ashton:
Hillary Ashton found a yellow flower and thought it was so beautiful, she put it in her hair. She is such a girl!
She was tall enough for the big kid is this possible?!?!
Hillary Ashton wanted a pic of her and daddy in front of the landscaped dolphins:
The birds and squirrels begged for food like a puppy dog while we were eating at the lake side restaurant:
They would eat food right out of your hand (Hillary Ashton is trying to feed him a leaf...he didn't care for that much!)
All American squirrel eating a french fry:
I love how he held it with his little hands:
The bird was getting a little close so he ran up the tree to finish his snack:
Nice view for our lunch:
We LOVED the Shamu show. I didn't get a pic of Shamu because we got DRINCHED as soon as he swam out. Hillary Ashton kept asking if she could "pleeeease" swim with the dolphins and whales during the shows:
She really wanted to ride on the whale like this:
After the show, she went to talk to the main preformer. She said "that was so awesome!" So sweet!!
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in a similar show when she is older.