Friday, July 25, 2008

Another fun day at the lake...

Hillary Ashton loves playing with her toys. She can sit for hours on end with a bucket full of little dolls. They have conversations, run errands between rooms and sing songs...lots and lots of songs. It is very amusing to watch. Anyways, when we leave the house she always runs to gather up a handful of toys to take with her. I always tell her, "you can only bring one." If you saw the floor of my yukon, you'd understand why this rule is in place. I have no idea how, but she always has tons of dolls and babies in there. It kinda drives me crazy! If she can only take one and we bring it back in the house with us, where are these toys coming from!!! Anyways, on this particular day she chose to take Woody and because you can't split up BFFs, Jesse had to come to...I think this is how it begins. She loves playing cowboy with Woody and Jesse. If you're ever in the grocery store and you hear a little girl yelling things like, "yeehaw, cowboy" or "run like the wind, bulls eye!", we are a couple rows over.

So, here's the cowfolks - Woody, Hillary Ashton and Jesse.

This statement will come at no surprise...I think Sophie Le is a beautiful child. Seriously. Not only that, I think she is very photogenic. I rarely get a *bad* pic of her. With that being said, I am not sure what was going on here...

Here is a pic of daddy with his girls.

Just a check to make sure they remember how old they are...

Look what we found...a rock in the shape of Africa!!

Daddy and his girls skipping rocks

My oldest loves everything exaggerated. No surprise, she wanted to throw the big rocks in the water.

She does everything at full force. She didn't mind at all that it knocked her down.

Her signature happy dance.

Hard to believe this is the same child that screamed in terror at the mere mention of taking a bath for the first several months she was home.


Unknown said...

How sweet! Ally has that bathing suit too! I think it looks good on two tan babies!!

Nadra said...

As always...beautiful, beautiful girls. With all of the testosterone soon to be filling my house, I'm going to have to make a trip to see you guys for some "girl"time. They are just adorable.

The Garners said...

Yes, beautiful girls!!!