Wednesday, July 30, 2008

God's Big Backyard...

...that was the theme of this year's Vacation Bible School at our church. Since I "taught" in Sophie Le's class last year, I decided to teach Hillary Ashton's class this year. I will just say, Sophie Le and her friends are much calmer than Hill's! There were approximentaly 115 4 year olds enrolled this year! Praise God! Luckily they were broken up into four classes :o) Hillary Ashton had a great time learning about serving God, her community, her friends and her family. The theme was "God's Big Backyard." The kids LOVED the theme this year. One of the youth dressed up as Cooper the dog, this year's mascot. The kid's in our class would have been no less excited if Barney had walked through the door. Anytime they spotted him, they squealed and jumped up and down. I had one little boy ask me, ever so seriously, if Cooper was a real dog or if he was dressed up!! Haha! Kid's crack me up. Before he asked, I noticed him and two of his friends in a deep discussion. We had a great time, but we were worn out at the end of the week. There were around 1100 kid's enrolled and around 56 kid's were wonderful!!
Here is Hillary Ashton and her friends, K and A:


Here are a few of the crafts Sophie Le did in her is a funny coincidence that K's and A's moms were Sophie Le's teachers :o)



I was told that Sophie Le was the only child in her class that would smile for picture :o) Those are her fingerprints on the side of the picture.


And just for fun, here she is last year at VBS...only weeks after we got home from Vietnam!


Lisa said...

Wow! What a difference a year can make! Sounds like VBS was a hit. My hubby is the mascot puppet, a pink flamingo named Floyd, this week at our VSB.

Dan and Elisabeth said...

So cute! VBS is just so much fun. I am also counting down the weeks with you! We have hit month 3 and I can't believe it. Maybe we will get a referral about the same time again! That would be fun. :)

Heather M. said...

So Cute!!! Love all the pictures & it just reminds me how much will change in just a year!!! OK, I need to go buy more baby things LOL! VBS looks like loads of fun! Our church is building a new children's wing so they had VBS on Sunday mornings for 3 weeks...the kids had a blast! Can't wait to see your new child announced!!! Very exciting!!! We adopted our boys through Gladney.

Heather M.

The Garners said...

How fun--I wish R could have gone to VBS there this year...maybe next year. CUTE CUTE CUTE girls! I love what the little boy asked about the dog! :)