Monday, July 14, 2008

When can we go back?

We had so much fun at the beach last week. We can't wait to go back, hopefully soon :o) Here are a few pictures of the little babes.

The pure joy in Hillary Ashton's face is just so sweet:

Sweet sisters:
Sweet sisters
My big girl:
Baby girl examining a shell:
Sophie Le Thiet:
That sweet face just melts my heart!


The Garners said...

These wonderful pictures honestly put tears in my eyes--your girls are SO beautiful, inside and outside. I love how H is holding S in the top picture--precious! God is obviously at work in your family--the joy can be seen in every photograph.

Rachel said...

So sweet. I love when the *big* kids try and carry the little ones. :)

Julie said...

These pictures are just beautiful.

Nadra said...

Pure other way to describe it.

Love these girls. They are just beautiful.

Kim said...

Your girls are Beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful time.