Monday, September 29, 2008

Another request...

Please pray.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Test Results and Another Week

Sophie Le woke up yesterday morning with red bumps all over her face. After a quick google search, I learned that she was probably having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. I called the doctor to see if they wanted to switch the medicine or if she could discontinue the medicine. They checked her urine cultures that were sent off last week and everything came back NORMAL!! I was so relieved and happy!!! So, it seems to be confirmed that her problems were due to constipation. Very interesting. She is about 75% back to normal in that department, just in case you were wondering :o) Two important lessons learned this week. Constipation comes in more than one form and Le is allergic to Sulfer meds. Now I now have something to put on her medical forms!! That is kinda exciting. If you are an adoptive mom, you can probably appreciate that. There are usually lots of blanks when filling out forms at the doctor(medical history, etc...).

BIG NEWS...Sophie Le spent her FIRST (you know, since she came home) night away from us last night. She and her sissy are in Paragould with their grandparents. Daddy talked to them this morning and they were doing great! Another answered prayer!! We were pretty sure Sophie Le would do okay being away from us for the night, but you just never know with that little girl. I am so thankful that she is comfortable enough with her place in this world that a night away from home is no big deal!

Man, this house is QUIET!

And one more week closer to our sweet Ethiopian babe or babes!! We have decided that our little cookies are probably living at the orphanage right now :o)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whoo hoo!!

Thank you to each one of you that prayed for little Le Le. I am so happy and thankful to report that things are beginning to get better! She had three poopies yesterday, but no wet diapers. Today she had one poopie and TWO WET diapers. I was soooooo relieved...and she was too :o) She came running to find me when she had the wet diaper today and said, "Mama, I tee tee!" and then proceeded to do a little whoo hoo cheer we do for the girls :o) It was the most precious sight! She then ran to find her sissy and I heard her yelling, "Ashton, I tee tee!" Each night, Hillary Ashton has been praying that her sissy will get better so she knew the significance of the wet diaper. It was so sweet to see the girls celebrating together over Le's wet diaper :o) A sight I never expected, yet couldn't have been more happy about!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PLEASE pray for Sophie Le...

My sweet little baby isn't peeing. It started last Thursday when she woke up for the day. After a trip to the emergency room Sunday, an extensive doctor visit yesterday, a consult with a pediatric urologist, two medicines and two catheters (just imagine how much my overly cautious daughter enjoyed that) improvement! She has a slightly wet diaper each morning (about a third of her normal amount), but during the day, NOTHING. She did soak the examination table both times they tried to insert a catheter, that was a huge relief. They did a test on her urine to see if she has an infection, but it was all clear. They are sending off a sample for more testing. The kidneys are making the pee, her bladder just isn't realising it. We have tried soaking her in a warm bath, NOTHING. Ugg! The specialist (who is the ONLY pediatric urologist in Arkansas is out of town for a week)diagnosed her over the phone as being constipated. I have never heard of constipation causing a child to quit peeing, but I am clinging to any explanation right now. Please pray that the medicines will do their job and she will be better soon! Anyone ever heard of this type of problem before? Any advice would be great!!

On a much lighter note, we are on week #11 now.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Double Digits!

We are at week number...

Is it just me or does that look uncomfortable?

Monday, September 8, 2008

A new school year!

My baby started preschool this year (sniff, sniff). Thank goodness, it is only two days a week! Here are a few pictures from her first day (last Thursday).


Here are a few pictures from her first day of school last year. She has grown so much!

A look back at our lazy summer days...

I admit, I have been somewhat of a blog slacker the last few weeks. We have been so preoccupied with summer. Thanks to those that gave me the shout out that I needed to snap me out of my neglectful state. Luckily, I have been taking lots of pictures :o)

The girls hanging out at the pool:
I'm not sure exactly what is going on here...maybe Hillary Ashton taught her some new cheers!
The girls have spent many afternoons relaxing in the kiddie pool and running through the sprinklers.
We spent several mornings at the zoo.
Here is Hillary Ashton pretending to be a lion
Sophie Le use to be so good about smiling for the camera, but now she uses it as a bargining tool. If I have no treats for her, this is what I get.
I must have remembered the snacks this day!
Sophie Le has also gotten better about accepting physical affection from her big sissy.
Sometimes I forget about how little Sophie Le is. That is until I see pictures like this!
They finally opened the petting zoo back up at the local zoo this summer!
Sufficient to say, Hillary Ashton LOVED feeding the animals!
Be still my heart!
The girls got a kick out of these cheerleading turtles. Nice paramid!DSC07158
The girls have also enjoyed many afternoons playing at the park
I just love her hair pulled up in a bun!
Daddy talked me into getting bikes this summer. We have been riding almost everyday unless it rains. The girls usually fall asleep in the trailer. So sweet!
They like to stop at this spot and watch the boats drive by.
Here is Hillary Ashton sitting at the same spot a couple years ago. Her hair had just started falling out. Huge change!
Sweet Sophie Le!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week #9