Monday, September 8, 2008

A look back at our lazy summer days...

I admit, I have been somewhat of a blog slacker the last few weeks. We have been so preoccupied with summer. Thanks to those that gave me the shout out that I needed to snap me out of my neglectful state. Luckily, I have been taking lots of pictures :o)

The girls hanging out at the pool:
I'm not sure exactly what is going on here...maybe Hillary Ashton taught her some new cheers!
The girls have spent many afternoons relaxing in the kiddie pool and running through the sprinklers.
We spent several mornings at the zoo.
Here is Hillary Ashton pretending to be a lion
Sophie Le use to be so good about smiling for the camera, but now she uses it as a bargining tool. If I have no treats for her, this is what I get.
I must have remembered the snacks this day!
Sophie Le has also gotten better about accepting physical affection from her big sissy.
Sometimes I forget about how little Sophie Le is. That is until I see pictures like this!
They finally opened the petting zoo back up at the local zoo this summer!
Sufficient to say, Hillary Ashton LOVED feeding the animals!
Be still my heart!
The girls got a kick out of these cheerleading turtles. Nice paramid!DSC07158
The girls have also enjoyed many afternoons playing at the park
I just love her hair pulled up in a bun!
Daddy talked me into getting bikes this summer. We have been riding almost everyday unless it rains. The girls usually fall asleep in the trailer. So sweet!
They like to stop at this spot and watch the boats drive by.
Here is Hillary Ashton sitting at the same spot a couple years ago. Her hair had just started falling out. Huge change!
Sweet Sophie Le!


Leigh said...

Man, I'm gonna have to give you a hard time more often! Seriously, you make me realize that I just HAVE to do a better job of photographing my kids!! These are so precious!! SL with her hair down...breathtaking...HA just has the most contagious smile...she makes me want to giggle.

Nadra said... pics. Love them. Their smiles are so contagious. I'm sitting here at 2:00am in the morning smiling. Yep..should be in bed...but I'm smiling.

Jessica Johnston-Myers said...

So adorable! Your girls are always so happy! Wooo!!

Also, it's almost 10 weeks now, right? Getting closer every day!

The Garners said...

You truly have such a PRECIOUS family--you can just see joy on the faces of your kids in every picture. I enjoyed all of these sweet summer pics.