Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Test Results and Another Week

Sophie Le woke up yesterday morning with red bumps all over her face. After a quick google search, I learned that she was probably having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. I called the doctor to see if they wanted to switch the medicine or if she could discontinue the medicine. They checked her urine cultures that were sent off last week and everything came back NORMAL!! I was so relieved and happy!!! So, it seems to be confirmed that her problems were due to constipation. Very interesting. She is about 75% back to normal in that department, just in case you were wondering :o) Two important lessons learned this week. Constipation comes in more than one form and Le is allergic to Sulfer meds. Now I now have something to put on her medical forms!! That is kinda exciting. If you are an adoptive mom, you can probably appreciate that. There are usually lots of blanks when filling out forms at the doctor(medical history, etc...).

BIG NEWS...Sophie Le spent her FIRST (you know, since she came home) night away from us last night. She and her sissy are in Paragould with their grandparents. Daddy talked to them this morning and they were doing great! Another answered prayer!! We were pretty sure Sophie Le would do okay being away from us for the night, but you just never know with that little girl. I am so thankful that she is comfortable enough with her place in this world that a night away from home is no big deal!

Man, this house is QUIET!

And one more week closer to our sweet Ethiopian babe or babes!! We have decided that our little cookies are probably living at the orphanage right now :o)


The Garners said...

That's great news about her test results/feeling better!

Enjoy your quiet house for a few days...I'm sure they're having a wonderful time with their grandparents!!!

I think of your future baby (babies) often--I can't wait to see what neat things God has in store for your family next--y'all are in my prayers!

Willis said...

One week down is one week closer. I'm counting them with you. So glad that Sophie is doing well. Rocco and I prayed for her.


Lisa said...

I'm so glad Sophie Le is doing better. You've taught this nurse something new!