Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week #9



Leigh said...

That's it? That's all we get? Nine...Woo Hoo???

No updated, doubled-bowed cuteness? No pictures of the last lake trip of the summer? No stories of the first day of school? Nothing???

Nine? Seriously...that's all you got????

Hope your week goes well! Update when you have chance!

Heather M. said...

I am totally watching for GREAT NEWS!!!! Hoping it comes soon for you guys! Can't wait!

Heather M.

Dianna said...

That Leigh... such a kidder!

But seriously... where's the cuteness???


Julie said...

I have to agree, I feel kind of cheated that there aren't any pictures of the cuteness that inhabits your house :-)

Nadra said...

Hope you get great news soon.

Like everyone else...we need pictures of the precious Hillary Ashton and Sophie Le (and you and Neil too of course).