Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 21...

21 Club Matches
...or somewhere pretty close to that! I have kinda lost count of the weeks. I think our original time frame was 3-5 months, but our agency recently increased the wait time to 4-6 months. I also read that this time frame includes the full 6th really that's 5-7 months if you ask me :o) So the good news is no matter how you count your months, we are in the referral window!! Very exciting!! I think January 1st is the 7 month mark so "the call" could be soon :o)

Sorry about moving the blog for a few weeks! It's back now. I may be sending out invites again soon. I just go back and forth putting our blog out there for the world to see, ya know? Anyways, I have uploaded lots of pictures as a peace offering for being offline for a while :o)

Sweet sisters...

A few random pictures of the little girls I love so much...

We had my parents over for Thanksgiving this year. Right before my parents got to our house, Neil and I were in the kitchen cooking and I noticed that the house got VERY quite. This means that the girls were very quite...this doesn't happen very often! I thought they were surely up to something. I started walking through the house, but I didn't see them anywhere. Usually when I can't find them, they are usually behind the piano with a "stolen" snack from the pantry or in a little playhouse in the living room. I walked by the playhouse first and peeked in totally not expecting to see them because it was so quite, but here is what I found...
I just love these sweet little girls!
Be still my heart!
Could they be any sweeter?
Here they are after we played at the indoor tubes last week. It looks like Le is rockin' an 80's side pony tail, but it is really in pig tails...I promise!!

After church one Sunday:

Our little cheerleader:
Here is Hill wearing the same outfit two years ago. It is hard to belive baby is getting so big!

Hillary Ashton:

Sophie Le Thiet's Birthday Party(s)!

Because she turned two this year, Sophie Le had two birthday parties :o) Remember, Hillary Ashton's great idea about having the number of parties according to their age. We have warned the girls that this tradition must stop at their 10th birthday :o) So keeping with tradition, Sophie Le had her first party on her actual birthday. She enjoyed making (and eating) cupcakes, playing outside and eating out with her sissy, cousin Ashley and one set of grandparents...and our course us :o) She had her second party a few weeks ago with a few friends and the rest of her family. She went back and forth on her choice of themes...Dora or Minnie Mouse. Tough choices for a two year old! Minnie and Mickey Mouse eventually won out! I thought Dora might be a shoe in after her reaction to Mickey and Minnie at Disney World this summer!
Mickey made Le very nervous!
Anyways, it was Minnie and Mickey and she had a great birthday party!

For the last few weeks, we have been talking to her about her birthday and singing happy birthday to her. She loves to sing and usually joins in. The problem was that she would ALWAYS say "hoppy birtday deer Heary Ashton." We would always tell her, no Le Le, it is YOUR birthday. She never quite got it. Her face lit up with excitement when everyone sang Happy Birthday to SOPHIE LE! Her expression was so sweet.
She practiced her blowing skills all morning in anticipation of blowing out her candles. It was the sweetest thing! She blew sticks, straws and pieces of paper!
Good shot of the cake:
Le Le with her BFF, Jenna:
Here she is opening one of her favorite gifts, a Gold Mickey Mouse necklace. She takes every opportunity she gets to show people her "Mitie Mouse."
Each year, we light a candle in honor of her first mommy in Vietnam. We wish she could see what a beautiful, smart and delightful child little Theit is!
Click here for more pictures.

Happy Tet Trung Thu!

We actually celebrated a couple months ago, but it hasn't been blogged yet :o) Tet Trung Thu is a Vietnamese holiday our family started celebrating last year. This year, we decided to have a party at Hillary Ashton's school to help her friend's learn more about Vietnam! Hillary Ashton dressed up in her beautiful purple Ao Dai we got in Vietnam. We read Thank You, Meiling to her class, painted paper lanterns and had mooncakes (actually moonpies, haha!). Before I read the story, I explained to the kids about how our family has been blessed by adoption and asked them if they knew where Sophie Le was born. I was so impressed a couple of them knew! Anyways, we sent home a cute little pair of chopsticks home with each child with a little card attached explaining a little about the holiday we celebrated. The kids had a great time and enjoyed learning a little about Vietnam.
Here is the cute story we read:

Hillary Ashton decorating her lantern:


Super proud big sister:


Fall Funfest, Trick or Treating, Pumpkin Carving and a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The girl's had a great time celebrating the Fall this year! Each year our church has a Fall Funfest complete with hayride, carnival type games, cake walk and more! Each year we have attended, Hillary Ashton has won the cake walk. It is her absolute favorite part of Funfest. We were so surprised that she her winning streak was broken this year :o( I think she was kinda shocked they didn't call her number! After winning a few pieces of candy, Le Le decided to take a break from the games and eat her winnings! Luckily, we were able to steer the girls clear of the game that has a goldfish as a prize this year :o) We still can't believe the goldfish they won last year, Cowgirl, has made it a year! Happy Birthday Cowgirl! We didn't want to test our luck this year!

Every year since Hillary Ashton was a baby we have gone to an awesome pumpkin patch close to our house, but they were closed this year. So on the 31st, we headed to a pumpkin patch in Mayflower. Besides the fact that we didn't get a picture beside the "How Tall this Fall" wooden scarecrow, it was great! The girls loved playing on the playground, feeding the animals and riding the John Deere tractors.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed back to the house to get the girls ready to go trick or treating. They both LOVED getting their hair curled and putting on make-up. Hillary Ashton insisted on curling little sissy eyelashes several times :o) They both enjoyed trick or treating at the first few houses. By the time, Le Le had her bucket about half full, she decided to just hang out in the wagon the rest of the night eating her candy, while big sister did the leg work for more candy!

The day after Halloween, Wal-Mart had their pumpkins on sale for a dollar so we bought a couple and had our first pumpkin carving!

Here are a few of my favorite pics:




Click Here for more pictures from the pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving

Princess Hillary Ashton

Sweet little princesses

Sophie Le is ready to go too!

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