Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sophie Le Thiet's Birthday Party(s)!

Because she turned two this year, Sophie Le had two birthday parties :o) Remember, Hillary Ashton's great idea about having the number of parties according to their age. We have warned the girls that this tradition must stop at their 10th birthday :o) So keeping with tradition, Sophie Le had her first party on her actual birthday. She enjoyed making (and eating) cupcakes, playing outside and eating out with her sissy, cousin Ashley and one set of grandparents...and our course us :o) She had her second party a few weeks ago with a few friends and the rest of her family. She went back and forth on her choice of themes...Dora or Minnie Mouse. Tough choices for a two year old! Minnie and Mickey Mouse eventually won out! I thought Dora might be a shoe in after her reaction to Mickey and Minnie at Disney World this summer!
Mickey made Le very nervous!
Anyways, it was Minnie and Mickey and she had a great birthday party!

For the last few weeks, we have been talking to her about her birthday and singing happy birthday to her. She loves to sing and usually joins in. The problem was that she would ALWAYS say "hoppy birtday deer Heary Ashton." We would always tell her, no Le Le, it is YOUR birthday. She never quite got it. Her face lit up with excitement when everyone sang Happy Birthday to SOPHIE LE! Her expression was so sweet.
She practiced her blowing skills all morning in anticipation of blowing out her candles. It was the sweetest thing! She blew sticks, straws and pieces of paper!
Good shot of the cake:
Le Le with her BFF, Jenna:
Here she is opening one of her favorite gifts, a Gold Mickey Mouse necklace. She takes every opportunity she gets to show people her "Mitie Mouse."
Each year, we light a candle in honor of her first mommy in Vietnam. We wish she could see what a beautiful, smart and delightful child little Theit is!
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