Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sweet sisters...

A few random pictures of the little girls I love so much...

We had my parents over for Thanksgiving this year. Right before my parents got to our house, Neil and I were in the kitchen cooking and I noticed that the house got VERY quite. This means that the girls were very quite...this doesn't happen very often! I thought they were surely up to something. I started walking through the house, but I didn't see them anywhere. Usually when I can't find them, they are usually behind the piano with a "stolen" snack from the pantry or in a little playhouse in the living room. I walked by the playhouse first and peeked in totally not expecting to see them because it was so quite, but here is what I found...
I just love these sweet little girls!
Be still my heart!
Could they be any sweeter?
Here they are after we played at the indoor tubes last week. It looks like Le is rockin' an 80's side pony tail, but it is really in pig tails...I promise!!

After church one Sunday:

Our little cheerleader:
Here is Hill wearing the same outfit two years ago. It is hard to belive baby is getting so big!

Hillary Ashton:

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Kim said...

The girls are so cute! And the pictures together are so sweet!