Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 21...

21 Club Matches
...or somewhere pretty close to that! I have kinda lost count of the weeks. I think our original time frame was 3-5 months, but our agency recently increased the wait time to 4-6 months. I also read that this time frame includes the full 6th really that's 5-7 months if you ask me :o) So the good news is no matter how you count your months, we are in the referral window!! Very exciting!! I think January 1st is the 7 month mark so "the call" could be soon :o)

Sorry about moving the blog for a few weeks! It's back now. I may be sending out invites again soon. I just go back and forth putting our blog out there for the world to see, ya know? Anyways, I have uploaded lots of pictures as a peace offering for being offline for a while :o)


Leigh said...

You're back!! (If you were posting...I must not have invite :(

I've missed you! Thanks for the update on the girls and for the update on your process. Won't be long now!

(I love catching my kids holding just melts my heart!)

Willis said...

Yeah! Your blog is back in business. I was worried; I even e-mailed you a few times. So glad everything is going well and that your adoption is progressing.


Lisa said...

You are getting so close!!! Can't wait to hear the good news!

Kim said...

WOW, I had a lot to catch up on. YOur girls are beautiful!