Saturday, January 3, 2009

Any ideas???

A good name is more desirable than great riches;
to be esteemed is better than silver or gold."
Proverbs 22:1
The mere thought of naming a child sends me into a mini panic. It is such a HUGE job. The name you choose will stay with the child for the rest of their lives, unless of course they decide to change it one day! It is a word that you will say countless times in a day. It is the name that will be associated with the most precious people in your life. It is a gift that you give your child that they will always have.
When choosing each of the girl's names, the most important factor to us was the meaning of the name. We picked names with qualities that we hoped our girls would possess. Secondly, we wanted names that have a pleasant sound and that are unique, but not weird. I think we defintely scored on the uniqueness factor. I hightly doubt either of our girls will ever have to worry about having another child in their class with their name!
We are having a hard time coming up with a short list for our next child (ren). We will not make a definite decision until we see a photo, but we would really like to have a few real possibilities. We will defintely include part of her Ethiopian name and there is a possibility that we will use her given name. We have agreed on about 15-20 girl names since we are expecting to receive a girl referral, but none of the names really jump out as a favorite. Any ideas????
A little background about our girls names...
Hillary means "happy, cheerful." As our baby has grown into a little girl and her personality has blossomed, I cannot imagine a more perfect name for her. Her middle name is Ashton which means "ash tree." The meaning of that name obviously wasn't as important to us. I have always liked names that could be used as boy names or girl names and I just love the way Ashton sounds with Hillary. We decided when Hillary Ashton was a few months old to call her by both her first and middle name. So, there you have Hillary Ashton. It fits her perfectly.
Sophie Le's name was a little more difficult for us. Sophie was on our short list because we thought the meaning, "wisdom" was perfect. We felt that her birthmother had great wisdom in choosing to birth Sophie Le and make an adoption plan for her. I can't imagine how hard the decision was for her to make. However, we didn't like how common it has become. When we went to our agency to receive her referral and saw her Vietnamese for the first time, we knew instantly that we would name her Sophie Le. Le is our daughter's Vietnamese last name. We love using part of her Vietnamese name as the name we call her daily. It is a daily reminder of her heritage and history. Her middle name is Thiet. Thiet was the name her birthmother gave her. It means "to care for, to suffer a loss, real, true." The name Thiet is so precious to us. Thiet is usually not considered a name in Vietnam. However, I couldn't imagine a more perfect name to embody the love her birthmother had for Sophie Le.
Anyways, we would love any suggestions you might have!!! I will share our list soon...


Willis said...

My ideas. . .
Avalon Reese (enthusiasm)
Sarina or Sadie (princess)
Serena (peaceful/composed)


Lisa said...

Sorry, I'm no help! You know what a hard time I had with that task myself!