Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 29

If I counted correctly, we are at week 29. When we started this adoption, I never dreamed we would still be waiting for a referral in mid-January. In fact, I honestly thought we would would have already traveled to Ethiopia and be back home by now. International adoption seems to have a way of stretching out the months, at least in our experience :o) However, there has been a HUGE difference waiting on this referral verses waiting on Sophie Le's referral. With Sophie Le's, we (I think it was "we," maybe just "I") were anxious...everyday. We felt like it would never happen. Every delay was so frustrating. We couldn't understand why we were called to adopt, but we were just WAITING.

With this adoption, we have the benefit of hindsight. We KNOW that there is a perfect child (or children) for our family. We KNOW God will show us their faces when the time is right. We were called to adopt, but not according to some predetermined schedule or timeline. It WILL happen, IN HIS TIME. It is so nice giving the control completely to God. There were times during the wait for Sophie Le that I WANTED the call to come that day. There were kids that I saw referred to other families that I THOUGHT would be great in our family. There were kids on Rainbowkids that we thought would fit into our family. It wasn't until we saw Sophie Le's picture and held her for the first time that we really realized that we hadn't received "the call" yet because OUR CHILD wasn't ready yet. All of those referral calls that we wished were for us came before Sophie Le was even born. God put the fire to adopt in our hearts so Sophie Le could be a part of our family not so we could complete an adoption in a certain number of months. Sophie Le has been such a blessing to our family, a true gift from God. I feel so thankful knowing that God is holding our next child in His arms and will make that child known to us in HIS perfect timing. We are here, waiting for His plan to become clear to us. That being said, I HOPE and PRAY that "the call" comes soon :o)

We had a quick getaway to Texas last weekend. We had so much fun!. The girls LOVE staying at hotels. There is nothing better in this world to Hillary Ashton than a pull out sofa! Sophie Le loves that everyone stays in the same room. Here are a few pictures of the girls enjoying the beautiful weather...

Daddy explaining how to do the monkey bars...haha!
And one of Le after her bath. I just love a sweet, clean baby :o)


Anonymous said...

29 weeks?!?! Oh my gosh!

Emily said...

We are also adopting for the second time and are so much more at peace! I'm finally learning what it means to trust God! We had a very similar situation in that if we had received a referral in the time frame our agency had quoted us, our son would not have been born! Such a humbling realization. I'm just so glad to be able to relinquish control this time around. Although, I would be very excited if His perfect timing was soon:)


Nadra said...

Amy....You are so's in His perfect timing. After two adoptions that took longer than I thought they should have, we have the perfect children for our family. That being said's still hard to wait.
Thinking about you and hoping God reveals your next child or children to you soon.

Leigh said...

I have to have that piggy towel for my piglet. Where did it come from! Love it!

You are so right...His timing...hang in there!

Anonymous said...

It is coming and I am praying. The perfect child will be revealed to your family and I can't wait to celebrate with you. :)

The Garners said...

I admire your family so much. You have such a neat calling, and such a wonderful attitude. God has given you a beautiful family, and I look forward to what addition(s) He has in store for you guys!

WONDERFUL pictures of your precious daughters!!!

The Milams said...

Just checking in on ya'll. I LOVE reading about your girls and adore seeing pictures of them. They are the sweetest things!