Friday, February 20, 2009

Our $4 Valentine...

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We started the day with yummy strawberry muffins which thrilled the girls! They kept saying, "these are yummy cupcakes." "I love having cupcakes for breakfast!" I love little kids! :o) After a fun morning of cartoons and painting, we headed to North Little Rock for a movie. We were a little early so we stopped by The Old Mill first. The Old Mill was in the movie, Gone With the Wind. It was the girls first visit to the beautiful park. They LOVED it! Flowers, waterfalls and cool bridges...what's not to love? Here are a few of my favorite pictures from The Old Mill:
My Valentine sweeties
Sisters (and as of last week...Best Friends!!)
Notice the girls are holding arms instead of hands...both of their hands were full of "treasures"
Daddy found Hillary Ashton a couple beautiful flowers that had fallen on the ground. I don't think she would have appreciated a dozen roses more that she did those two flowers!
The girls headed down a trail in the "woods" and we stayed on the main path.
Once Sophie Le realized we weren't right behind her, she got upset. Of course, daddy was quick to the rescue!
This little girl LOVES her daddy!

After the girls explored the mill, we went to see BOLT. For those in Central Arkansas, did you know you can go to the movies for 50 cents? I had no idea! It was the best $2 we have spent in awhile :o)

As we were crossing the Arkansas River back into Little Rock, we decided to stop off in the River Market and let the girl's play at the new playground. It was really fun. And since we were already downtown, we decided to take a trolly ride.

Here is Sophie Le at the park...she loves a good sucker too :o)
My sweet baby girl
I think they have hit their picture quota of the day :o)
Is it just me or do these smiles look fake?
Hillary Ashton trying to add a little something extra to the picture

Girls checking our the trolly stops on the map

Price of our super fun Valentine's day...$4 :o)

Just in case that wasn't enough pictures (grandparents), here are a few on the image below

Valentine Part One

We had a wonderful time celebrating Valentine's Day! Here are some pictures of Hillary Ashton's school party.

Hillary Ashton and her super sweet little friend.
Playing a game
Proudly standing beside her mailbox
Our attempt at using the self-timer
Sweet Sophie Le

Sunday, February 15, 2009

That's My King!!!

WOW...WOW...WOW!! Love this video. You must watch the entire video. It is AWESOME!!

The voice in the video is the late Dr. S.M. Lockridge. S.M. stands for Shadrach Meshach. Cool!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another fun day with the girls...

The girls and I had a great day at the zoo. The weather was beautiful! Usually when we pull into the zoo parking lot, it is packed. Not today! There were probably 10 cars in the lot. We saw a couple families while we walked around, but for the most part it was just us and the animals! The animals seemed happy to have our company :o) The snakes danced around in their cages and followed the girls' fingers and the inside birds followed us around. Of course, we made sure to visit the otters, our favorites! They were as friendly and playful as always! One of the otters was really trying his best to reach Hillary Ashton. He inched his way up the ladder and stood on his hind legs and reached his arms up to Hill. It was the cutest thing. He may have been reaching for her goldfish treat, but she didn't care :o) She loved it! The girls also got another biology lesson, this time from the giraffes. I am sure Hillary Ashton won't soon forget either. She still talks about the "incident" with the turtles EVERY time we see them! Anyways, enough is the good stuff...

Checking out the crocs
Le Le
The girls ALWAYS make time for a snack!
Can't get enough of this little angel!
Or this one!
They were both full of smiles!
Cute little otter!
Mr. & Mrs. Giraffe...soon to be parents!
It was so cool how they started "dancing" together!
Sweet sisters!
Sharing a room has really helped Sophie Le let down her physical guard with Hillary Ashton! It is so great seeing them so loving with each other!