Monday, March 9, 2009

A few details...

Thank you for all of the well wishes! It is so nice to "know" our next child :o) We couldn't be more thankful to God for blessing us with another beautiful daughter. There are so many details of Julianne's referral that are direct answered prayers that we had during the wait. There are also many new prayer requests we have now that we know who she is. I have had alot of people ask questions about Julianne and questions about what happens next, so I hope you guys don't mind if I just answer it here :o)

Today we mailed Julianne's acceptance papers to our agency! Very exciting. The Ethiopian staff was informed last week that we happily accepted Julianne into our family. The next step is waiting for a court date. We have been told that this typically happens between one and three months from now. We have seen families receive court dates much quicker and unfortunately we have seen families wait MUCH longer for a court date. It is truly heartbreaking to watch families be delayed month after month while their child is growing up without them. The average wait time from the date you hear your court date and the actual court date is 12 weeks. Again, we have seen much shorter waits and longer waits. If you are lucky enough to pass court the first time, you will travel 2 to 4 weeks later. When you pass court, the adoption is finalized which means Julianne will officially be our daughter :o) I can't wait for that day!!

Several people have asked if I could share more information about Julianne and our referral call. Sorry for the lack of details :o) Believe it or not, after 8 months of waiting, we were actually caught off guard when the call came. We received the call late Wednesday afternoon. The number did not come up "unknown" as the urban legend suggests :o) Julianne is eight and a half months old. Our HUGE prayer (and we would love if you would join us in praying for her) is that she will continue to grow stronger each day. Right now she is very tiny, but we were told that she loves to eat. She especially loves eggs. She weighs about what Sophie Le weighed at four months and Hillary Ashton did around three months. So you can imagine that we are praying that she continues to put on weight and grow stronger.

We were told to expect updates about Julianne once a month. You can bet we will be keeping our eye out for those updates. The agency said to expect a little information about her progress and a picture. Our specific prayer request for this month is that Julianne will learn to sit on her own without support. We are also allowed to send packages to Julianne with traveling families. I "know"a family, through the blog world, that is traveling this week to pick up their adorable baby girl. We overnighted a soft pink lovie and a photo album for them to take to Julianne. We are so thankful that they still had a little room in their luggage and a willing heart! We are so excited that Julianne has something that we have touched and prayed over!

Here is BIG sister Sophie Le putting the papers in the mail.
It is such a blessing to have Sophie Le experience this journey to Julianne. She told me that baby sissy's nannies take care of her like Le Le's nannies did when she lived at the baby house. She also said that baby sissy's nannies love her and Le Le's nannies in Vietnam love her. So sweet. I can't wait to have all of the sisters together!!


Farmboy and Buttercup said...

Congrats to your whole family. Wow, 8 months of waiting for the call. That had to be tough. Hopefully you will be getting called much sooner for the court date.

Lisa said...

I'm so excited that you finally "know" your newest daughter. I hope the wait to know her in person isn't too long! And Sophie Le's comments are too precious!

The Jennings said...

That is so exciting! I will be praying that everything goes quickly!


Willis said...

What Sophie says about her nannies and her sister's nannies touched my heart. Rocco was very small and malnourished as a baby, but he is healthy and developmentally on task today. I have no doubt that your little girl will flourish and grow with God's hand of protection on her. I am praying for your family!

Leigh said...

Baby sissy's nannies...that has to be the sweetest thought. I am really enjoying learing more about the Ethiopian process through your journey. I so hope you make it to Tulsa again this summer!

DoriGrace was tiny...still is...18 months...17 lbs...but strong as an ox. Of course you know with your girls...small starters sometimes catch up and pass everyone else!

Nadra said...

Amy...thanks for sharing those details. We'll be praying for Julianne and also praying for a short wait to travel.

Love Sophie Le's comments about the baby house. She's so sweet and will make a great big sister...just like Hillary Ashton has.

Kim said...

That is so sweet! Don't worry, Dylan was having troubles sitting up on his own at 10 mos when we got should see him now! We will pray that your time will move quickly, so you can get her home and love on her and fatten her up!

Heather M. said...

Cute pics!!! Hope your Court Date comes soon! :) Thanks for sharing about your's always neat to learn about other countries & their programs. You may inspire someone! ;)

Heather M.

NHP said...

How Exciting!!! Love hearing that good news. They will be three lil' peas in a pod.
Congratulations. I look forward to following your journey.

The Garners said...

Amy, I am always so moved by reading about your family's journey. God is using you all in such amazing ways. I LOVE that you know who your new daughter is, and can pray for her specifically now. I'm praying for her and for the day you finally get to bring her home. I hope it goes quickly. You have a beautiful family.