Monday, July 27, 2009

Big sister is FIVE and little sister is ONE!!!

We had so much fun celebrating the girls birthdays! Since we missed Julianne's birthday by a couple days and Hillary Ashton's birthday was a couple days after we got home from Ethiopia, we decided to have a small, family party for both of the girls.

How in the world is Hillary Ashton already FIVE?!?! She's my baby! I wasn't crazy about her turning four, but at least she was still a preschooler. FIVE...that is a little longer a baby! I have been telling her to stop growing for several years now, but it is not working!
Hillary Ashton as a baby! She was such a good, sweet baby! I remember taking this picture, it seems like just yesterday!
Hillary Ashton Arnold
She brings so much joy to our family!
Sweet Julianne...she has been home for less than a month and has already carved her place in the family. I can't imagine our family without her! She has such a precious, loving personality!
Hillary Ashton is a nut for chocolate. She wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing!
Sophie Le was feeling very tempted by the cake :o)
This is Hill with her cousin Ashley...don't you just love her little piggies?
Each of the birthday girls making their signature faces...Hillary Ashton's super cheese and Julianne's nose scrunch.
I think the temptation was too much for Le...look at her lips :o)

Hill blowing our her five candles...with a little help from little sister.
She wasn't very happy about the help
It IS her birthday so she got another blow!
Julianne had no interest in blowing out the candles or in the cake!
Mama tried, but she just wasn't into it!
This picture was taken after she knocked her cake off of her highchair and her cousin Matt caught it!
She traded her cake in for some crackers!
Hill rockin' Beat It with guitar hero

Happy Birthday Hillary Ashton & Julianne!!! We love you sweet girls!

**For those of you that have followed our blog for awhile...yes, we did FIVE small birthday "parties" for Hillary Ashton this year :o) It was hard cramming them in this year, but we did it :o)


Jebena said...

Happy Birthday Little Ladies---You Three Are Beautiful!

Nadra said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!! Such precious little ones...all three of them.

Willis said...

I am loving those blue hands and mouth! Happy bday girls!