Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It will come as no surprise for me to tell you that I hate my girls growing up so fast. The thought of Hillary Ashton starting kindergarten this Fall almost brings me to tears. Almost...who am I kidding? Haha. There is one thing that makes me love the girls growing up...our conversations.

While driving into town today, I pulled the car to the side of the road while a funeral precession passed. Of course, this provoked many questions from the inquisitive little girl sitting in the backseat :o) I actually love any situation that allows me to share Jesus, heaven, getting saved, etc with my kiddos. I explained that someone died and that their friends and family members were in the passing cars. So, she wanted to know where the funeral people were going. We proceeded to have our first conversation about burial.

Mommy: The white car that passed in front of the other cars has the person's body in it and they are taking the body to a cemetery to bury it.

Hillary Ashton: Oh, okay. What are they going to do with his head?

This girl is a sharp one :o)

Last night while we were having dinner I had one of my all-time favorite conversations with Miss Sophie Le. It started with Hillary Ashton was telling us that when she grows up she wants to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia, a baby boy from Vietnam and a baby girl from China. I asked her if she wanted to have any babies in her tummy. She said no, "I just want to dopt them all." I asked her why and she said that having a baby in her tummy would hurt to much. I knew from her saying that, that she thought she hurt my tummy. I told her that mommy loved having you in my belly and you didn't hurt my belly at all. I told her that I loved seeing and feeling her move around. I didn't realize that Le was really listening to this conversation. She perked up and asked:

Sophie Le: Mama, did I hurt ***'s belly?

*** is her birthmother's name. Wow. Her question blew me away. She has always talked about her adoption and answered questions correctly, but I didn't know if she really grasped that she was born to ***. We then just talked about her birthmom for a few minutes. I just love this little girl. I think *** would be so proud of her :o)


And just a few minutes ago, I told Julianne night night as her daddy carried her to bed. She looked right at me and said "nite, nite." She's so smart :o)


Jason and Erin said...

All great stories, but that "head" comment CRACKED ME UP! She's a funny girl, that one!

Leigh said...

I too, loved the "head" question. What wonderful girls! I need to see a Sunday picture of all three (together) with big bows! (You are letting me down here!!!)