Friday, July 24, 2009

Hillary Ashton graduates from Preschool!

Our family has been so blessed by Hillary Ashton's preschool program this year, Noah's Kids! It is an AWESOME program at our church taught by Ms. Dawn & Ms. Lori, two of the most precious people I know! Their graduation program was so sweet. The kids (most of whom Hillary Ashton has been friends with since birth) marched in as the the graduation march was played :o) The kids then sang several songs in Spanish & English, recited bible verses and demonstrated their knowledge of phonics, numbers & Spanish words. They are all so smart! Each child was presented a certificate of graduation and a unique certificate of recognition based on what the teachers felt stood out about each child (e.g. good at math, early reader, etc.). This will probably not be a big surprise, but Hillary Ashton was awarded "Most Joyful" in her class :o) Last year, her teachers (at a different school) told me that she was the happiest kid they had ever known :o) I cannot tell you how happy that makes her mommy :o) She fits her name to a "t." Hillary means "cheerful." I cannot believe how lucky I am that God chose me to be this happy little girl's mommy!

Here she is on her FIRST day of preschool (September 2008):
And on her last day of preschool (May 2009). Hillary Ashton wanted curly hair for graduation :o)
Of course, gotta get one of Le Le too!
Mommy and the graduate
Hill with her awesome teachers and Pastor Gary
Hill and her two best buddies
With her handsome daddy
She was so surprised about the flowers we brought her...her reaction was priceless!
This is Ms. Susan, she is the head of the preschool department at our church. Our whole family loves Ms. Susan!
Do you see that book in the background of the above picture that says "Erica?" Ms. Lori made each child a scrapbook of the year! Hillary Ashton's book is full of sweet memories and she loves looking through it. Ms. Lori also gave each parent a cd of tons of pictures from the school year...I told you these ladies are awesome!
Sweet sisters!
The picture below is Hill and B. One day after school, B's mom told me that B told her that Hillary Ashton was his girlfriend. I asked Hill about it and she confirmed. Of course, neither one has a clue what that meant and luckily I haven't heard anything else about it since :o) Haha! B is such a sweetie!

Noah's Kid graduates of 2009!
HillAsh Graduation
(Hillary Ashton is on left, top row)
I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!!! I love you speedbomb!


Tanya said...

So nice to "meet" you! Thank you for your words of encouragement. Your girls are soooo beautiful! Makes me want to bring an ET girl home, too! (Who knows what God has planned for our family...)

Nadra said...

So cute. Hillary Ashton's curly hair is beautiful. It looks so thick. She certainly is a happy girl.