Friday, July 31, 2009

I know your excited...another haircut...haha & school shopping

I gave Hillary Ashton the weekend to really think about whether or not she really wanted a haircut (I was thinking she just thought the haircut place looked like fun). She went back and forth and finally decided...haircut. I was hoping for no haircut! It took THREE years for that baby to grow any hair! Three LONG years :o) So we got to the place and she smiled pretty much the entire time she was getting her hair done. When she got done, she seemed to really like it :o) We paid and walked to the car. As she was buckling her seatbelt, tears starting flowing...and then the sobbing. She said she wanted to go back to the haircut place and get her hair back :o( After a few minutes of cuddling, she felt much better and decided that her new hair cut was pretty cool. Thank goodness! It has been a couple days now and she LOVES it!

On the way home, the song "Friend, don't take her she's all I got" came on the radio. Obviously, I don't know the actual name of the song :o) Hillary Ashton told me that was really sad and that the man should just go the store and by some more stuff. Haha!

We are about three week away from KINDERGARTEN!!! AHHHHHH! We are trying to work down our long list of things to do/get before school starts. My favorite item is a trip to Destin next week!!! I can't wait. On a much less exciting note, Hill's new school shoes came in the mail this week. Her foot is pretty wide and we usually have a hard time finding shoes for her, but I discovered ZAPPOS! No trip to the mall with three kiddos to shoe happy mama :o) The school she will attend has a uniform policy. I LOVE shopping for little girls' clothes, but not uniforms! We looked at several stores for uniforms, but they all seemed kinda boyish. Luckily I had some gymbucks so I ordered the basics from Gymboree. They arrived in the mail a couple days ago. I just love the cut of their clothes so much better! Much more girly :o) Hillary Ashton put on quite a fashion show for us :o) She is looking like such a big girl! I am so happy that she is excited about school. She did tons of math and writing worksheets this afternoon "to get ready for kindergarten!"

Next on the While the little girls napped, Hillary Ashton & I went shopping of her school supplies. It sure is a lot of work getting ready for school! You know you go to Wal-Mart way too much when two workers (at separate times) tell Hillary Ashton they like her new haircut and another worker asks where the other girls are. After two stores, we got everything on the list :o) I still can't believe we are shopping for SCHOOL! Now I have to find the time to write her name on EVERY crayon, pencil, colored pencil, marker, etc. Seriously, every individual piece! Ugg! Why don't they just pile everything together? I am so not ready for school! I am so glad Sophie Le has a fall birthday so she won't be starting until she is almost six...yea!!!


Pre-haircut shot...sweet girl has sensitive eyes just like her mama!
So happy to see The Bee Movie was playing!
For some reason she has been fascinated by taxis and Paris lately. The hairstylist asked her if she wanted to sit in one of the car seats or a big girl seat. She quickly answered "big girl seat" and ran straight for the Taxi seat :o) I love this girl and her innocence!
After...with her school supplies!
She know refers to her hair as "my new sassy hair"
A picture is worth a thousand words! This picture sums up so much about the girls' individual personalities. Hillary Ashton is so excitable and ready for anything and Sophie Le is much more cautious and suspicious of things out of the ordinary. They are watching a delivery truck dump the rocks beside the playset.
The girls loved helping us spread out the rocks (notice the dirt all over Le's face!)
Daddy & Sophie Le
My poser!


Willis said...

Cute hair cut!

Nadra said...

Cute hair cut. I just love this happy little girl. She makes me smile every time I see her picture.

The Garners said...

Love her hair!!!!