Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ahhh...I love vacations and First Day of Kindergarten.

We are having soooooo much fun in Destin. It really is one of the happiest places on earth :o) The big girls asked if we could move here...wouldn't that be nice :o) Neil did say that he would love being the captain of a dolphin cruise boat :o) I guess we could check to see if they are hiring down at the marina!

Every year we stay at the same hotel. It is so nice knowing where we will be staying and being familiar with all of the amenities and surroundings. And to top it all off, we got an AWESOME deal on this year.

You know I have lots of pictures to share! There is nothing better than beach pictures :o) Let's see...I will start with our room pictures. I love staying here because the rooms are so spacious. When you are traveling with three little to run is a good thing and space for everyone to sleep is a very good thing!



The girls LOVE the bunk beds and they added televisions in their "room" since we were here last!


The couch also folds out to a bed if you need it.


The sleeping arrangements are nice, but really my favorite part is the views! All of the rooms have ocean views :o)


View from the other direction


Being in a new place has reminded me that our family does not look like other families. Honestly, when we are at home I don't really think about very often. Most everyone at our local Wal-Mart has already asked all of the questions they can think of so we don't really get asked adoption related questions very much. We have had several people ask us about the girls this week. Here is one of my favorite conversations:

Lady at the pool: Oh they are so cute. Are they all adopted?

Me: The two younger ones are.

Lady at the pool: Where are they from?

Me to Sophie Le: Where were you born, Le Le?

Sophie Le: Vet Nom

Hillary Ashton: My brand new sister is from Ethiopia.

Lady at the pool: Wow. Where are you from?

Hillary Ashton: I'm not from anywhere.


Oh and when we were walking to the beach tonight, a sweet little boy pointed at Sophie Le and said to his mom, "Is that Dora, mama?" Haha! Sophie Le wasn't paying attention to him, but if she had been she would have been flattered :o) She is a BIG Dora fan. It is kinda funny because I often compare Sophie Le to Dora...but it is for her LOUD talking voice, not her looks :o)

You all know how I feel about Hillary Ashton starting Kindergarten this year! Well this is how she spent the official first day of school...dancing at the beach :o) I guess Monday will be her first day!

I will try my best to get her to first grade on time :o)


Bamawhitney said...

now that looks like a great vacation spot!

Bridgette said...


Unknown said...

That room is incredible! :-) Have fun at the beach! (ps - your girls are just beautiful and I LOVE that you "dont look like other families")

jerriann said...

So many things I love about your post. First, your daughter dancing on the beach, great photos and life moment. I love the room you stayed in, too. Beautiful and inspirational for a room redo's. And, I love your story too, about not looking like other families.

Rachel said...

I love Destin! I was there not too long ago for a family member's wedding. The pictures are just lovely! Enjoy your vacation!

Heather M. said...

That's why your a wonderful mommy...your daughter gets to dance on the beach her first day of K, while all the others are crying & clinging to their parents! Glad you all had fun! It is wonderful here!

Heather M.