Sunday, August 2, 2009

Big girls in little toys...

Generally, Julianne isn't crazy about toys. Specks of dirt on the floor? Now that is a different story!


However, her big sisters love toys...especially "Julianne's" toys!

A little blast from the past...sweet Le in October 2007 (almost one year old)

Is five to old for a walker?
Don't tell Hillary Ashton!
Hill Ash - October 2005 (6 months old)

Guess who's trying to walk!

This child loves to put together the most unique outfits...several times a day :o)

Yesterday a friend of mine from my hometown came by to visit and meet Julianne. Her and her son left today for a Caribbean cruise! I hope they are having a great time!

A fun little my life, I have set up two of my girlfriends on blind dates. And both of them ended up marrying their blind date! How crazy is that? She was one of my successful matches!

(I took both of these pics with my cell phone)

And here is her handsome son. Julianne took a real likin' to this boy :o) He was so sweet with her and didn't even complain when she licked him on the leg! Haha!

Jon and Kate plus 8 is/was my favorite show on television. The first new episode since the big announcement is coming on tomorrow night. I am curious as to how they will keep making episodes now that Jon and Kate are seperated. I just hope these "ladies," Jon has been hanging out with will not be on the show!


Leigh said...

Oh my, had to chuckle at HA's "outfit". Gotta say though, you brought it on yourself with those BOWS! You are gonna have 3 divas! (I can say that because I will have that is currently awaiting delivery of 20 5-inch bows from ebay! The bigger the better!!!)

Love that you are bloggin all the time...wish I were more motivated.

Neil, Amy and The Girls said...

Leigh - I saw those bows for sale on ebay and thought about ordering them :o) Let me know how you like them! In fact, you should blog about the bows :o)