Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Doctor check-up & Moving to Africa

Haha! I just have to go ahead a laugh because I know our parents probably fell out of their chairs when they read that title...sorry :o)

Just to get it out of the way, we aren't moving to Africa...at least not in the near future :o) God's plans are ALWAYS better than ours, so I won't put any limitations on any future plans. I do want to share with you two families that are moving to Africa this month...the Kennedys and Michael, Jana and Ruthie.

The Kennedys have four children under the age of five. Their youngest, Addis, was adopted from Ethiopia through our agency. They will be living in Malawi, home of more than one million orphans, for two months. Their mission is to help Esther's House, a new orphanage, get up and running. What an awesome experience!! A camera crew is filming their journey for a reality show set to air in 2010. They are raising money for Esther's House through donations and t-shirt sells. All profits of the t-shirts go the Esther's House. The shirts are super cool, I just ordered mine :o) I'll post a pic when it arrives, can't wait! I put a blog button for the Kennedy's on the right side of my blog if you want to visit their blog...you can add their button to your blog too :o) Oh, and they are from Arkansas.

The other family is moving to Addis Ababa to work with Gladney adoptive families. They adopted their little girl, Ruthie, from Ethiopia earlier this year. I think working with adoptive families and children waiting for their forever families has to be the best jobs in the world...next to being a mommy :o) You can follow their journey here: http://www.eyestowardethipia.blogspot.com/ Pretty perfect blog name, don't you think?

Will you join me in covering these two precious families in prayer? I am just so excited to follow their journeys. What faithful servants of God!

So, back to the girls ;o) Hillary Ashton had her 5 year check-up today. Praise the Lord, it was good! I am always so thankful for a healthy report! Her weight held steady from last year, 42 pounds and she grew one inch to 43 inches. Who knew that telling her not to grow was actually working? Haha! She stayed about the same on the growth chart so I guess that is pretty normal for a 5 year old girl :o) There is a possibility that she may need glasses so we will need to get to work on that. Of course, she thinks getting glasses is a fabulous idea :o) She was so funny during the exam. If she wasn't my kid, I would have bet money that she was told how to answer the questions!

Dr. Rose (or Dr. Rosie, as the girls call him!) - So, Hillary Ashton, what kind of foods do you like to eat?
HA - I love to eat Spinach, Zucchini...mostly just vegetables. I really like to exercise too. My favorite exercise is running on the alligator (this is what she calls the treadmill).

Dr. Rose - What do you like to drink?
HA - Milk, apple juice and water. I don't like drinking too much sugar.

Dr. Rose - Do you like to ride your bike? (I am sure he was getting around to asking her if she wore a helmet, but she beat him to it)
HA - Yes, I have a big girl bike now....this is where she went into a very, long & detailed story...and I always wear my helmet.

Dr. Rose - Do you like to talk to strangers? What if they have yummy chocolate?
HA - No way. I never talk to strangers unless we are at a fun party and my mama says that I can get a new friend. And I only eat candy my mama gives me or that we buy at the store.

Dr. Rose - How about brushing your teeth? Do you brush them maybe, once a week?
HA- No. I love to brush my teeth. I brush them all day.

Dr. Rose - Do you know what time you go to bed?
HA- No, I don't know how to tell time. My mama tells me when it is time. I like to get good rest so I can exercise a lot.

Seriously...this kid cracks me up!!! I swear I did not prepare her for her check-up today!

Sophie Le & Julianne were with us on the visit so hopefully they were taking notes :o) The little girls did soooooo good at the doctor's office today. I have never taken all three of them together before.

One last thing about the doctor's office. As we were leaving, I was pushing Julianne in the stroller and the big girls walking on either side. This lady, who I would guess was in her 80s, looked in our direction and said, "hey, bring them over here." So, I did...haha. She just looked at each of the girls and said..."they are cute. that one looks just like you (pointing at Hillary Ashton)" She then just looked at Sophie Le and Julianne for a minute and said again, "they are cute." And that was it, we were on our way. I wonder what was going through her mind. Did she know they were adopted or did she just think I had a wide range in taste for the gentlemen? Hummm...guess I will never know.

WE ARE LEAVING FOR THE BEACH IN FIVE DAYS!!! Okay, just had to get that out there!

This sweet little one has been acting VERY TWO lately :o) I am honestly surprised.


NHP said...

I think this was one of my favorite posts ever.
SO funny!!!
Adam's mom has gotten the "do your boys have the same daddy?" question be/c they look so different.
She wishes she could go back in time and say, "well, I just can't remember!"
The wide range for gentlemen really got me laughing.
And the Dr's questions and her answers. So glad you have it all down for her to read later!
Have a great vacation,

Nadra said...

Your girls...all 3 of them...have the best smiles. So precious.

Hillary Ashton is a smart cookie. :)

The Garners said...

SOOOOO cute!!!

I love the story about the doc's office!