Monday, August 17, 2009

Kindergarten and Al, the baby alligator...

We officially have a kid in kindergarten!! Wow, how did that happen? Time passes so fast when you are havin' fun :o) Needless to say, Hillary Ashton was super excited to start school this morning. She is such a social, happy-go-lucky child. It wouldn't occur to her to be nervous about starting a new school. I hope she always has such a great attitude about new situations :o) She went to school this morning not knowing any of the kids in her class or her teacher. One of the first people she met when we arrived was the principal. She danced around for him and gave him several high fives...haha! After spending a few hours at school, she came home with a class full of "cool friends" and a "really nice teacher." My sweet baby talked my ear off (and I LOVED it!) on the way home from school. She told me about songs they sang, books they read, new friends, glue sticks, projects, backpacks, going to "big church" and much, much more! I am guessing the "big church" part was chapel :o) She thought it was so cool that a girl down the hall had the exact same outfit as her today...the school has uniforms :o)

You know there are pictures to document this special day :o)
Hillary Ashton, Kindergarten Princess :o)
My little poser :o)
Me and my baby girl!
Daddy and Hill Ash!
Outside her classroom.
Posing at her desk!

While we were in Destin, we visited FudPucker's for the first time. What a cool place! They had a playground and lots of alligators :o) You can feed, hold and try to catch the alligators. It is definitely on our list of must-dos for next year too! The big girls loved holding the baby alligator, Al. I was SHOCKED Le liked him!

That's it for to watch a new episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 :o)


The Jennings said...

Can't believe they are old enough to start kindergarten! We are keeping Ramsey out until next year and I can't imagine letting him go! Glad she had a good day!


Sparkz said...

I love the aligator pictures! Kindergarten... they grow up so fast. Glad that things are going well and she likes it.