Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last day of SonShine Kids & Celebrity Sighting

Today was Hillary Ashton's last day of SonShine Kids. SS Kids is a great program our church does for 5 & 6 year olds during the summer. She has loved learning more about Jesus, singing songs, playing games and making super cool crafts each week. Today also marks the last day I will be able to pop in on Hillary Ashton's class to say hi or have her run down the hallway when she sees me outside of my class to give me a great big hug. The time has come, two weeks from today my baby starts school. Sigh.

Glasses she made today

But there is good news too...Sophie Le will promote my MDO class this Fall :o)
The spot on the right side of her dress is from dinner...she helped feed Julianne tonight. I am not sure which baby was smiling bigger :o)
She loves being a BIG sister!


Neil is an aspiring paparazzi...haha. I was so surprised when he showed me this picture he took on his phone today.
He even had to make the block to get the shot...haha. Do you recognize these two famous people?


Heather M. said...

Ok...cute pics, & who are the famous people? Is that Ted Danson? s

Heather M.

Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Your girls are just adorable!! I love reading all your pictures and posts.