Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Beach Babies & Tomorrow is THE DAY!

I have put it off as long as I could...Hill starts Kindergarten in the Morning...bright and early :o) I asked her this afternoon if she wanted to wait until Tuesday to start. I told her she could stay home and we could color and play outside (I know, I know...really I do!). She said, "Mom, I need to go to school and learn. Remember,It's only half a day." She cracks me up! For the record, I wasn't really going to keep her home...unless she really wanted to :o)

More beach pics!

This year we tried something a little different. We left Arkansas Sunday evening at 7 and drove through the night to Florida. We made it in record time...10 hours and 45 minutes. Whoo hoo!
The girls slept almost the entire trip...yea!
When we arrived in town at 5:45 in the morning, I wasn't sure we'd made the best decision. However on the way back home, we didn't see this sight for more than 30 mintues at a time...this one...not such a great car traveler. She's got a lot to learn from her big sisters! We didn't break any time records on the way home :o(

After breakfast at McDonalds and a trip to Target, we checked into our hotel. These girls couldn't wait to hit the beach!
This little girl wasn't sure why everyone was so excited.

However once we got to the beach, she LOVED it! She splashed and squealed everytime she got into the water. It took her a couple days to accept the sand, but by day three we couldn't keep it out of her mouth :o) It is so hard to believe how well she has adjusted to our family in two short months. What an answered prayer!!

This baby loved the beach too :o) Last year she was not crazy about the sand, but this year she spent hours shoveling sand into her little bucket. So sweet! While digging in the sand, she usually wore her intertube. I told her that she didn't have to wear it if she wasn't in the water, but she's two and has her own ideas!

Each day I drenched all of my babies (and myself and hubby) in sunscreen, SPF 70. After only thirty minutes in the sun, this tropical baby had tan lines. At the end of the week, she was several shades darker than she was when we arrived in Florida. I have to admit that I am more than a little jealous!!!

This baby was born to be a beach baby! She would have spent the entire day at the beach if she could. She loved riding the waves!
Making Sand angels!
On our second day at the beach, Hillary Ashton asked me to put extra sunscreen on all of the peachies because "we don't want to turn pink." Haha! Amen baby!

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