Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Kindergarten, Peeping Julianne and A New Baby Girl...

Hillary Ashton had her second "first" day of Kindergarten last Friday. I am so happy to report...she LOVES her new school. We liked the old school, but the new one just works out better for our family. She was bouncing off the walls her first day. She was really excited about starting the new school because her "best friends" go to the new school. The only problem is that my baby is in school ALL day :o( It seems like an eternity waiting on 3:00 each afternoon! I almost couldn't believe my ears when I picked her up from school the first day. Her teacher told me that Hillary Ashton CRIED! Can you believe it? I was shocked! Since she is in school all day, they have a nap time. Hillary Ashton hasn't had a "nap time" in years. Apparently there were two issues...mama didn't send her a pillow and blanket (only a nap mat with cover) and she couldn't take off her shoes. The first problem was easily fixed...I made her a brand new pillow and blanket. I wasn't sure we would be able to solve the next problem. There is a rule in the class that you can't take off your shoes during nap time unless you can tie a shoe. It doesn't matter if your shoe has strings or not, you have to be able to tie to take off your shoes. Man, the life of a kindergartner! When she came home Friday afternoon, she was determined to learn to tie her shoes :o) And I am happy to report, she passed the test Monday and can now take off her shoes during nap time ;o) We went to parent's night this week and I was so proud of the little shoe cutout hanging by her name.

Hillary Ashton on her first day at the new school...

We have had two other "issues" this week. After school Monday, she pulled down her bottom lip and said, "Look Mama, I have vampire teeth!" She said a little boy at her table told her that. Apparently the little boy delivered the news in a very positive way because Hillary Ashton was very proud :o) Haha! I am not sure if either of them even know what a vampire is :o)

Yesterday when she came home, she told me that a little boy on the playground pushed her down (AGGGGG!!!) and continued to push her down when she tried to get up (AGGGG!!!). She told me that her little friend tried to help her by telling the teacher :o) Hillary Ashton wasn't sure if the teacher said anything to the boy. I told her to be sure and stay away from this kid and her daddy told her to try some "Kung Fu Panda" on him :o) So today when I picked her up, I asked her if the boy bothered her today. She said, that she was standing under a shade tree and he walked over to her and said, "I'm sorry for pushing you down yesterday." I am not sure if a teacher told him to apologize or if he did it on his own. Anyways, I asked her what she said to him and she said, "I told him "shade tree." I said, "that was a funny reply." And she said, "oh, I guess I should have said you're welcome." Hummm... I asked her what else she could have said and she thought for a minute and said "I should have said I forgive you, but you better not do it again." Haha!

Julianne...she took 15 steps last night. Her feet haven't touched the floor much today :o) Haha! Since moving to our new house, we spend a lot of time outside. When Julianne wakes up from her afternoon nap, she lets us know by peeking out and waving to us! It is so funny! I finally remembered to take a pic!

And some more big news :o) A sweet little one year old (she will be two very soon) girl was placed in our home tonight (foster care). She is a cutie pie! She likes to run around and squeal...she fits right in :o) I am praying she sleeps through the night :o)
Here's baby G...

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I can't wait to see you ALL sometime soon! I love the pictures in this post!