Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Crawling Days are Numbered & Baby G's Doctor Visit...

Julianne's balance is getting better everyday and I am afraid my baby will be walking full-time before we know it! I am all for babies learning to walk, but once they do...they want to do it all of the time! It definitely cuts down on my cuddle time. The trade off is the expression on Julianne's face when she takes so sweet!!! She is so proud when she walks :o)

I love, love, love this little face!

The doctor's visit this morning took FOREVER! Our appointment was at 9:15 and we got there 15 minutes early. We didn't get called back until 11:30!!! That is ridiculous!! Once we got to the little room, it didn't get much better. Baby G was waaaaaaaay behind on her shots :o( She had to get seven shots (four pokes) and blood drawn :o( I felt so bad for her. To say she was ready to get the heck out of the doctor's office is an understatement!

It was so fascinating to watch Baby G in the waiting room this morning (maybe not fascinating for the entire 2 1/2 hours...haha). When we first got to the waiting room, she really enjoyed playing with the toys. After she got bored with that, she started walking around looking at people. I wondered if she thought her parents might be there. I have NO IDEA what is going on in that sweet little head. Several times, she climbed up into an empty chair next to a mom and put her little hand on their shoulder and smiled. I am not sure if these ladies looked like her mom or if she was just being friendly or if she was shopping for a new caregiver. I haven't known her long enough to know her personality. Luckily, when I picked her up and brought her back to "our area" to play, she was content to return with me :o) I will admit, I was really nervous to pick her up the first time. I totally envisioned a huge fit...luckily she didn't sense my fear...haha! It is a crazy feeling not knowing how "your child" will react in certain situations. It truly amazes me that the foster kids we have had are so accepting of their new situation. I am trying to figure out what she likes to do, what foods she likes, how she likes to be comforted, etc. Another thing that has surprised me is how the kids choose to call us mama and dada....ON THEIR OWN and usually within a few hours of meeting us. I never tell them to call me mama...I always have thought that would be too confusing to them. It seems like the term "mama" is just assigned to the person taking care of them, not just to their actual mom. It makes me think that maybe they haven't had one consistent mom...maybe many different people taking care of them, like aunts, grandmas, neighbors. Mama is probably just an easy word they assign to a caregiver. It really makes me sad that they don't understand the word mama like most kids do.

Anyways, here is baby G with all of her boo-boos from this morning...poor baby!! I was so relieved she didn't seem to blame me for the shots :o)

Remember the passenger van I posted a month or so ago? Well that baby would have come in VERY handy today...we got a call about an infant baby needing a home. Unfortunately, my suv won't hold anymore kids, will yours? Hint, Hint :o) If you live in Arkansas, check out this website :o)

On a different note, I am sooooooooooo excited that tomorrow is not a school day!!! I really thought that once I graduated college, my excitement over "no school days" were over :o) I have a whole new perspective now :o)

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I love H's artwork--thanks for sharing!

I say it in every comment I think, but Amy you guys have the NEATEST, SWEETEST family and you can see how LOVED the girls are in every picture!!! Thanks for sharing about your family!