Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pants, Playing Outside & Day Two with Baby G!

Each night before the girls go to bed, I pick out their clothes for the next day. Hillary Ashton's outfits have been pretty easy lately since she wears uniforms. Tonight for her outfit, I picked out a pair of khaki pants from Gymboree, a light blue polo shirt and a pink sparkle belt (hope those are When I showed her the outfit, she looked at me like I was crazy. She said, "Mom! I'm not wearing pants to school!" Goodness, when did pants become soooo horrible?!? She said, "Mama, you know I only like to wear jumpers !" Wow, I didn't realize I was so out of touch...haha!

Here are a couple pics of the older girls playing outside after supper tonight:

This little face just melts my heart!
So does this one!
I was so proud of Sophie Le tonight...she went down the slide all by herself...many times :o) She usually will only go down if we catch her at the bottom. My baby is growing up!
Baby G LOVED playing outside. She was NOT a happy camper when we told her it was time to come in :o)

Foster Care update: Baby G slept GREAT last night :o) She is a real sweetheart and has been pretty easy so far. It just breaks my heart that she doesn't seem to miss anyone and seems very content with her new surroundings. She went to daycare today (I work a couple days a week at our church) and they said she had a good day. Neil went to pick her up this afternoon and he said that she smiled and ran toward him when he walked in :o) Baby G is going to the same place we took Little Lady and Little Man for daycare. Hillary Ashton & Sophie Le have it in their little heads that Little Lady and Little Man went to live at this place after they left our house. They each make comments several times a week about wanting to stop at this place to go visit Little Lady and Little Man. This morning when we pulled into the parking lot to drop off Baby G, Sophie Le begged me to take her in to see Little Man :o( They both miss Little Man so do I! That is probably one of the hardest things about foster care...when the kids leave your don't get to see them anymore. I am taking Baby G to the hospital in the morning for required testing. Please pray things go well. It is one thing to take your own child for testing, but it is another to take a child you've only know for a couple days that hasn't learned to trust you yet. I just can't imagine what goes through these little kid's minds!

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