Monday, August 31, 2009

Pedicures, More Walking & Baby G's Special Day

Hillary Ashton got a new bottle of pink nail polish and happily painted all of the girls' nails and toes...Daddy was offered, but he declined. She did a great job! She has improved sooo much since she last painted Sophie Le's toes...haha! I am actually glad to know she can paint toes so well...that will save me lots of time :o)


Yesterday, we went to McDonalds for Baby G's special day lunch. The girls had so much fun! I felt a few eyes studying our family :o) I guess we do have a wide range of little ones :o) I wouldn't have it any other way!
This little sweetie is just about ready to start walking full-time. I can't believe it!
I think I may be changing her name from "Sweet Sophie Le" to "Sassy Sophie Le!"
Here's little mommy!
This one may quite possibly be the world's best baby!
Hope you had a fun day Baby G!

Last night, Hillary Ashton came to "big church" with us. Honestly, she was not thrilled with the decision :o) She loves church, but not "big church." She did a great job sitting quitely beside me coloring a sheet. However, I didn't think she was paying attention to Pastor Gary which is fine because sitting still in church is really all we are going for at this point. Anways, we have been studying the book of Hebrews on Sunday nights for awhile and at one point the pastor said something like "for those of you that are new to our study of Hebrews..." Hillary Ashton perked up and said, "hey, that's me! I'm new to this study!" Haha! At another point he was talking about an artist and she said, "is he talking about me? I'm an artist." Haha!

We had an incident today and I am afraid I may have to start homeschooling Hillary Ashton. She told me a boy kept trying to kiss her at school today! Oh no! Luckily she thought it was "soooo gross!" That's my girl :o)

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