Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Searching for Dolphins and finding much more!

While in Florida, we took a dolphin cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.

Waiting to board...
Le Le passing the time reading a tourist magazine...
Our family...
Dolphin Cruise
Julianne has been "teething" for a couple weeks. She wants to put everything in her mouth, her nose runs, loose poopies (is that TMI?), a little cranky...all of the symptoms...the only problem...there is no sign of any teeth coming through. Hummm... On this particular afternoon, she was heavy on the cranky :o) BUT, she sure looked beautiful!

We just loved the marina area!! Right up our alley. So cool! There was a storm moving in so the temperature was PERFECT!
Getting three girls to all smile at the camera has proven to be a very tough job...but I am up for it! I will persevere :o) For every one picture I post here, I take probably 50 to 60 more :o) Lately in group pics, Sophie Le has been my toughest subjects.
When the boat pulled out, a loud horn blew. I couldn't get my camera out quick enough to get both girls with their fingers in their ears, but my Le Le is cautious and waited to make sure there wouldn't be another horn.
There is a little island right off of the mainland that appeared to be a hotspot. There were lots of people swimming. Next time we go to Destin, we want to rent a boat and check out the island...I think it may be called Crab Island...anyone know?
I am telling you, this is one of my happy places :o) Another one happens to be in Vietnam. The town Sophie Le is from is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is right on the South China Sea and there are mountains everywhere. I can't wait to go back one day!
This is one of my favorite pics of Julianne. I know I'm her mama, but isn't she breathtaking?
This guy is the first mate on the boat. He has lived in Destin since he was born...86 years ago. He told us about living there as a child. The only source of groceries was a ship that came to Destin once a week. Things sure have changed in his lifetime! I just love listening to him!
Hillary Ashton saw this boat and was shocked someone stole our boat...haha!
Two of my cuties!
Dolphins ain't got nothing on the snack bag!
This rock wall reminded me our the rock wall we have in front of our house...without the water :o)
I think Daddy was a little jealous that he didn't get to drive the boat!

As soon as we deboarded the boat, it started POURING. We all got may be one of my favorite memories of the trip :o)

We decided to go back the next day to walk around the marina some more. We saw lots of very "interesting" things.
Exhibit 1...shark!
I'm telling you, this girl may grow up to be a model...or at least a girl that has a millon pictures of her childhood. She loves to work the camera :o)
Me and my three girls :o)Julianne went to sleep right after this pic...sweet baby!
Even Hill Ash didn't want to have her pic made in front of this! Ewwww!
A pelican!

Oh, by the way...didn't see many dolphins. We saw a couple of their behinds splash back into water...nothing too exciting...oh well, still had fun :o)

Two little funnies from Hillary Ashton this week:

Each night before bed, we read the girls a bible story. For the last few days, Hillary Ashton has wanted to read the story to us. She is in kindergarten, you know! Haha! I really LOVE when she reads to us :o) Well last night, she was reading about the angel visiting Mary and telling her that she was going to have a baby. Hillary Ashton said, "Mary, you will have a baby boy and you need to name him Jesus. I want you to know that it is okay you are not married. That is why your name is Mary because one day you will be mary to Joseph."

While Hillary Ashton was watching a show about cheetahs, she said, "hey, look's a cheeto." Do you think that is what she thinks we are eating when we eat the long, orange chips? Haha!

I am just loving learning about the world through her eyes!

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