Saturday, August 29, 2009

These are the Days...

The girls are at such fun ages! I wish I could freeze time! We had a great day today. We played outside, went to a birthday party, played outside some more and finished the day with ice-cream with friends (Thanks Feller Family) :o) What a perfect day!

Sophie Le
Hillary Ashton
I just cannot get enough of this sweet little face!
All my girls!
In Hillary Ashton's world, there is nothing better than catching a frog :o)
I need some advise! Hill & I have tried in vain to catch lizards over the last couple months...they are just so darn FAST! Any tips?
Getting ready to release today's frog into the creek :o)
There he goes!
Daddy and all his girls :o) What a good daddy!
Right after I took the picture above, sweet Daddy was stung by one of these little monsters! Mean ole' bug! It's called a cow-killer ant...waaaay bigger than a regular ant.

If Hillary Ashton has a spare minute in the day, she is drawing. She could literally draw and color all day! Her new thing is to have Daddy scan her pictures so she can see them on the computer :o) Oh the life of a child born in the 2000s! Since I don't really have much use for them once they are on the computer, I have decided to start sharing them with you :o) For your viewing pleasure, here is Sleeping Beauty and her castle (complete with stairs...haha!).
Hannah's Birthday Card
Tomorrow will be Baby G's first day at church. I pray she does okay when we drop her off! If my trip out to the driveway without her this afternoon is any indication of what tomorrow holds, we are in trouble!

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