Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weddings, Swimming & Dora!

More pictures from Florida...come on, I know you are excited...haha!

The place we stay hosts lots of weddings. We didn't see any while we were there this year, but we usually do. The girls LOVE weddings. There is a room set up in the hotel that displays a wedding cake, wedding dress, place settings, etc. The girls L-O-V-E-D this room. Each time we passed, they wanted to look in :o) Hillary Ashton told us that she wants to get married at the hotel when she grows up. Sophie Le quickly chimed in and started yelling "Me too, me too. I wanna get married too!" :o) It was so cute to watch them peering in the room and discussing the "beautiful decorations"! Start saving up now, Daddy!


Elisabeth, I hope Noah likes beach weddings :o) Haha!

Our little dare-devil!
On this particular night, me and my sweet baby just watched daddy and the older girls swim. She kept making the funniest faces! I had a hard time taking her picture though because she was so close :o)
Little Le Le

One of our favorite places to visit is Destin Commons. They have the cutest shops (Have you been to Hugs and Hissyfits...best store evah!) and of course, the girls LOVE the water sprinklers and playground. I couldn't believe our luck...Dora likes shopping there too :o)
This little girl doesn't really like watching Dora on television anymore, but she was very excited to meet her "in real life."
This little girl is a BIG Dora fan. Dora is probably her favorite character right now. However, she had a very similar reaction to Dora as she did Mickey Mouse last year. She just doesn't like her characters being so big! Daddy had to take her down the street right after this pic was taken because she stated bawling at the sight of Dora! I wish that would deter her from watching her on television! That Dora talks WAY too loud!
Julianne wasn't sure about Dora either! That face cracks me up!

Daddy found something he REALLY liked at the Bass Pro Store:o)

The girls have two very different methods to playing in the sprinklers. Hillary Ashton got drinched...big surprise. She finds a way to get wet almost everyday.
Our cautious one...it's so nice to have one! She requested her shirt be taken off first thing so it wouldn't get wet. I think this is about as close as she ever got to the water :o)
And here is the results:


Julie said...

I love seeing pictures of your girls. They are just precious.

And Bennett is the same way about the fountains as Sophie Lee is. Too funny!!!

Tracie said...

Oh my word, what great pictures. We were just in Destin ourselves at the beginning of August and we to are big fans of the Commons. I saw you had asked about our camera and it is a great one...it's an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW. It is shock and water proof. I have dropped it and so have the kids and nothing has broken and I have soaked it more than once in apple juice with no harm done and obviously from the video it does great submerged in water. I bought it at bedford's and have been very pleased with it and really, it wasn't super pricey. Congrats on the new adoption as well! She is simply beautiful and looks like she fits her nickname: Joyful!!

Heather said...

Ahhh, the Commons....Brighton & Hugs & Hissyfits. Two of my favorites. Did you know you can order from Hugs & Hissyfits on line??? You Can! Dora wasn't there when we were...Caleigh wouldn't have like it either though! Love all of your pictures...the wedding room ones are precious! Bass Pro Shop rocks! We don't have one close to us.....have to go to Dallas. Heather