Monday, September 14, 2009

Playing Outside, A big week for Julianne, Foster Care & His Word

I dressed Sophie Le in her Destin shirt the other day. After school, the little girls & I went outside to play while Hillary Ashton went upstairs to change out of her school uniform. When she came outside, she was wearing the same shirt as Le Le. She said she likes to dress like her sissy :o) Goodness, I love these girls!
Whoever invented the action setting on my camera is a genius!
I am so thankful for this sweet little girl!
Sophie Le is so excited that she can finally reach the bar...with a little boost from Mommy :o) I think my baby is going to be a short one :o)
The girls after church. Julianne has learned what to do when the camera comes out :o)

Well, it sweet baby is walking...full-time. We had a very pivotal day last Tuesday. Julianne had been trying to walk all day Monday so I held her all day :o) Don't judge me! I dropped Julianne off at her class Tuesday morning and I specifically told her teacher NOT to let my baby walk. Swings, exersaucer, baby bed, holding...all good. Free floor space to practice walking...not good. I explained that to her that my baby was on the verge of walking and I wasn't ready :o) Well after five hours in the church nursery, my baby mastered the skill of walking and hasn't crawled since :o( I have been working hard for the last month to prevent this, but apparently this means nothing to her teacher...haha! Honestly, I am happy for my baby, but it so hard to see her grow up so fast. She also started eating grown-up food this week (with her two teeth!). My baby is turning into a toddler!

Secondly, we are no longer fostering Baby G. I may never understand why things work out the way they do, but I can be certain that it is God's will. That alone gives me peace. I have said before that our plans are never as good as His and while the events of this past week have made no sense to me, I know there is a reason. I am always amazed at how true and real the word of God is...always. The following verse has given me much comfort regarding the situation:

8Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble. 9Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. 10For,
"Whoever would love life
and see good days
must keep his tongue from evil
and his lips from deceitful speech.
11He must turn from evil and do good;
he must seek peace and pursue it.
12For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous
and his ears are attentive to their prayer,
but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil."[a]
13Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good? 14But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear[b]; do not be frightened."[c] 15But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 16keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander. 17It is better, if it is God's will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.

I am thankful for the rainbow after the storm. Saturday our rainbow came to our home in the form of "Little One." Little One is a PRECIOUS little one month old baby that we are providing respite care for this week. It has been a looooong time since we have had a tiny baby in the house and it has been so fun! The older girls think Little One is the best thing they have ever seen :o) Julianne likes Little One's car seat and other than that doesn't really seem to notice her :o)

The girls couldn't wait for Little One to wake up :o)
Sweet Sophie Le and Little One
Mommy Le and her baby Ju Ju
Sophie Le still likes to be the baby too :o)

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Rachel said...

Absolutely adorable!

How long have you been a foster parent? My husband and I are in the process right now. I can only imagine how hard it must be to go through the removal of a child that was in your care.