Monday, November 30, 2009

Look what my sweet hubby brought home...


It's little peanut! We have "named" him Jonah. He is beautiful...Sweet... And he loves to cuddle! What more could you ask for?

As usual, the girls are in love and are already asking if he can stay forever. Hillary Ashton told me that she has always wanted "three browns" in our family. Ha.


He is tiny. Little bitty....over two pounds lighter than Hillary Ashton was when she was born. Luckily, he is a great eater and I am hoping he will gain some lbs soon.

Julianne was already in bed when baby Jonah got home Saturday evening and she slept in Sunday morning. Jonah and the two big girls were dressed for church and downstairs having breakfast before Julianne woke up. After she got ready, I took her downstairs and the other kids were already in the car waiting for us. Julianne's carseat is right next to baby Jonah's. I wish I would have had my camera ready when she looked over and saw a baby in the carseat next to her. She was definitely shocked and her expression was priceless! She just kept looking at us and then looking back at him. You could tell she really wanted to make sure we knew there was an extra kid in the car. It was so funny!

He has done great so far. He sleeps really well...during the day. So far, he hasn't seen the need of sleeping AT ALL during the night, but we are working on that. There is something about a dark, quite house that makes him want to play. I have tried my best to keep him awake more today so we will see how tonight goes. I am hoping good because I am tired!

We are taking him this week for some more tests. Please pray that everything comes back normal. Will you also please join me in praying for his future family? My prayer is that he will be adopted by a sweet, loving Christan family that will love him to pieces!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mid-week update...

Just a quick little warning...this post is completely random and doesn't include smooth transitions :o)

A DHS worker called this week to get Julianne's social security number because she didn't have any info for Julianne in her file. However, we don't have it yet. We are waiting to readopt her here in Arkansas and get her name changed so her social security card will have her American name on it. Anyways, I told her that I could send her a copy of Julianne' s Ethiopian birth certificate for her file and that was fine. I pulled Julianne's Ethiopian adoption paperwork out of the safe and I noticed that the final adoption paperwork was signed on June 16, 2009...her FIRST cool is that? So, back to her birth certificate...It is so different that our older girls' American birth certificates. It has her picture stapled in the corner and is printed on glossy card stock. The picture was taken right after she was put in the orphanage. She looks sooooo different. Another cool thing that I think I have mentioned before is that her legal name right now is Fanose Neil Arnold. The girls call her this a lot :o) Neil is really pushing to keep Neil in her American name :o) I guess he figures this may be his only shot to have a namesake :o) So her name would be Julianne Fanose Neil Arnold. Neil has always been against giving our girls' four names...until now...haha! I thought you guys might like to see what an Ethiopian birth certificate looks like...
Julianne's Adoption Paperwork (5)

Hillary Ashton has been home from school all this week and I have LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I really thought I would get use to having her in kindergarten after a couple months...hasn't happened yet. We have enjoyed easy mornings watching cartoons in our pjs, going for donuts, cooking and Thanksgiving crafts. I have enjoyed listening to my baby read lots of books. I hope she always has an excitement for reading. I have not missed getting up early, rushing around and sitting in the carpool lane! Needless to say, I am not looking forward to Monday morning!

The girls have got along great this week with only a few little spats :o) The main form of punishment around our house is time-outs. The girls always know where to go sit no matter what part of the house we are in. The thing that always gets me is that who ever is in trouble rarely goes to time-out by themselves :o) If Hillary Ashton goes to time-out, Sophie Le usually goes and sits beside her. Sophie Le knows she isn't in trouble. If she wants a toy or something to drink she will get up and go get the whatever she wants and return to sit with Hillary Ashton. She knows that if she is in actual time-out, she isn't allowed to get up. I guess she just likes being with her sister. Julianne does the same thing when Sophie Le goes to time-out. It really cracks me up! Julianne doesn't understand everything we say so I am not sure what she is thinking when she goes to sit with Sophie Le, but she always seems happy about it :o) Here is a pic of Sophie Le sitting with Hillary Ashton a couple months ago...

I don't really know what to say about these kittens. They really seem to like being carried around like babies, walked on a leash and pushed around in a toy stroller. This can't be normal, can it?
This is "Princess Lola"
That's "Meow"

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Also, please keep little baby peanut in your prayers. He is still in the hospital and they are still running tests. His hospital caseworker expects the doctor to discharge him this weekend. We can't wait to get him home and love on him!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends tomorrow!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What have we been up to?

Every couple of months, I just love uploading the pictures off of my phone. It's so much fun to see different pics of my kiddos :o) It really is a representation of what we have been up lately. So, here's the recent uploads...

These picture were taken right after Julianne got home from Ethiopia. Doesn't she look little?
Babies are so flexible.
A month or so ago, we went to a festival called Rendezvous. There were tee pees, Indians and furry jackets. These types of clothes really freak me out...I am not sure why Hillary Ashton is wearing them. I am sure this was her daddy's idea :o)
My girls are BIG fans of the $1 junior sundaes at Sonic. Oh, and look at the hat Hillary Ashton is wearing. Isn't it cute? I got it at the Gap outlet in Destin for Julianne, but big sister claimed it that particular day.
A month or so ago, we went to CityFest in downtown NLR. There was a great turnout-Praise God! An added bonus...Bob and Larry were there. I probably don't even have to tell you what Sophie Le & Julianne thought about Bob and Larry :o) I also got to see the little baby we did respite care for a few months ago!
This pic represents one of my favorite times of the week...eating lunch with Hillary Ashton at her school. I just love having that special time with her!
Sophie Le got a four -wheeler for her birthday...Julianne loves riding it!
So does big sister. The orange piece of paper on her jumper is a "kindess award." Kindess awards are handed out to children who show kindess to another student during the day. I think she got this one for helping someone put their shoe back one :o)
Sophie Le perfers to kick it old style with her Diego car!
I have tried EVERYTHING to get Julianne to take a pacifer. EVERYTHING...
Sophie Le doing her part to fund Arkansas scholorships...haha!
Having birthday lunch with Daddy at Chili's. She is pointing out the shirt she picked to wear for daddy's birthday..."Daddy's little angel" That is SO true!
We picked Hillary Ashton up early from school to have birthday lunch with us. That girl LOVES Chili's corn on the cob.
Julianne showing off her two teeth!
Here we are at the park after school one day. I bought that shirt for Sophie Le on her first family day. It says something about adoption being a miracle and at the bottom it says "I am a miracle." So ture!
These two are such good friends...most of the time.
The day after we got the kittens, I brought Princess Lola with me to pick up Hillary Ashton. As you can tell, Hillary Ashton was quite pleased!
This is the night we got the kittens...
Is there anything sweeter that a sleeping baby?
This picture needs no words...
For the record, the answer was...NO!
Hillary Ashton loved her costume so much that she wore it from the store the day we bought it. Such sweet memories!
October 2009 was the wettest October in 21 years here in Arkansas. This is our little creek. It was flowing so fast!
This is a state park up the street from our house. The road, playground and field are all under water.
This field across the street usually has cows...not sure where the cows went.
Oh, those summer days!
I really miss that flower headband :o( Oh where could it be?
On our way to Ethiopia to pick up Miss Julianne!
I took this picture the night before we left for Ethiopia and I probably looked at it a million times during the trip.
Riding bikes.
Hillary Ashton's new bike. I told her that I didn't think that was proper riding attire for Barbie. She told me that she would be fine. Five year olds can be so wise.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's little Peanut...

We visited baby Peanut last night and the nurses reported that he had a great day yesterday! He is a SWEET little guy! Please continue to pray for him. His test results should be back early next week. We can't wait to bring him home!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Please keep baby boy in your prayers. He had a seizure last night and the doctors are running tests.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Floo Shot

A few days ago, Hillary Ashton's school had the H1N1 flu vaccination. I decided not to get Hillary Ashton the H1N1 shot this year. I didn't really talk to her about not getting the shot before school, but I thought she would be really happy about not having to get one. I was so wrong! I picked her up and she told me all about her friends getting flu shots and how she didn't get one. SERIOUSLY? Since I am such a good mom, I told her that I would take before school the next day to get one at our Doctor's office (the regular flu shot). She was soooo excited. Really? Is this child for real? She was so excited in fact, that she wrote herself an excuse note for school.

She has really been working on sounding out words and I think she did a great job!
Document (7)
It says, "I was late for school. Flu shot." Haha! Do you see how big she is smiling in that picture? I do love the bow and eyelashes :o)

I am sad to report that our doctor's office was out of shots :o( I took her for donuts instead. She was still a little disappointed. You should have seen her face this morning when "Sid The Science Kid" was about how important it is to get your flu shot....that Sid is a trouble maker! She just kept looking in my direction, like "hey mom, are you watching this?"

If you remember, when I took Sophie Le and Julianne they got their flu shots. The doctor only had shots for kids up to 36 months. Because of Hillary Ashton's excitement about the flu shot, Le really wanted one too. She had the BIGGEST smile on her face when she got her shot. She told the nurse that it was a secret that she got her shot because it would make Hillary Ashton sad if she knew. Who are these kids???

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tiger Tunes, Playtime, Well-babies & New baby!

A few weeks ago, Hillary Ashton and I went to Tiger Tunes at Ouachita (OBU). OBU is the school I graduated from and if we win the lottery, I would love for the girls to go there too :o) Haha! Tiger Tunes is a show put on each year at homecoming. Different groups compete with their original song and dance numbers to raise money for scholarships. Tiger Tunes was right up Hillary Ashton's ally! She cheered and danced her little heart out. During intermission, she asked several of the performers to take a picture with her. It was really the sweetest thing!

It was cold and wet when we got there, but we did get to walk around a bit and I showed her my dorm and a few other buildings. She loved everything :o) She told me she is ready for college and wanted me to be her roommate :o)

In front of Berry Chapel
She was soooo proud! Btw, she cannot keep her eyes open when there is a flash on the camera, but she still smiles :o) I think this girl was Tri Chi for all you OBU folks.
This girl was either an EEE or OSF...they both had big red bows :o)
Reading the program...that thing clipped to her dress is a compass. She helped direct me to Arkadelphia :o)
A few years ago, OBU started imprinting graduate names in concrete. I was so pleased to see that they decided to start at the year 2000 - my graduation year! Hillary Ashton was shocked to discover that my last name used to be different :o)

The quality is bad on this pic (I was trying to do it without flash), but I still love it! Hillary Ashton thought it was soooo funny to have Ju Ju on her back!
Looks like Julianne is enjoying herself!
When we were in Ethiopia, we saw kids as young as Hillary Ashton carrying babies like this. Sadly, it was out of necessity, not as a part of playtime.

This morning I took the two little girls to the doctor for their well-baby visits. I am happy to report they are both doing great :o) Both girls are still small for their age. Sophie Le is in the 10% on height, but 50% on weight and Julianne is just the opposite...10% on weight, but 50% on height. Soooooooooooooooo thankful to have healthy babies!
Healthy, but silly!
One more...Daddy and his girls

Please keep our family and our new foster baby in your prayers. We are picking him up from the hospital either tomorrow or Friday.