Thursday, November 19, 2009

Floo Shot

A few days ago, Hillary Ashton's school had the H1N1 flu vaccination. I decided not to get Hillary Ashton the H1N1 shot this year. I didn't really talk to her about not getting the shot before school, but I thought she would be really happy about not having to get one. I was so wrong! I picked her up and she told me all about her friends getting flu shots and how she didn't get one. SERIOUSLY? Since I am such a good mom, I told her that I would take before school the next day to get one at our Doctor's office (the regular flu shot). She was soooo excited. Really? Is this child for real? She was so excited in fact, that she wrote herself an excuse note for school.

She has really been working on sounding out words and I think she did a great job!
Document (7)
It says, "I was late for school. Flu shot." Haha! Do you see how big she is smiling in that picture? I do love the bow and eyelashes :o)

I am sad to report that our doctor's office was out of shots :o( I took her for donuts instead. She was still a little disappointed. You should have seen her face this morning when "Sid The Science Kid" was about how important it is to get your flu shot....that Sid is a trouble maker! She just kept looking in my direction, like "hey mom, are you watching this?"

If you remember, when I took Sophie Le and Julianne they got their flu shots. The doctor only had shots for kids up to 36 months. Because of Hillary Ashton's excitement about the flu shot, Le really wanted one too. She had the BIGGEST smile on her face when she got her shot. She told the nurse that it was a secret that she got her shot because it would make Hillary Ashton sad if she knew. Who are these kids???

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