Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day!!

We are incredibly blessed to live in a free country. I am so thankful for the men and women (and their families) that have made that possible. Having two daughters that were born into countries that do not share our liberties and freedoms has made me appreciate my freedom so much more. I can't begin to explain the feeling that overcame me that June night in 2007 when our plane landed in Los Angeles. The sweet little baby that was sitting on my lap, born in a communist country, became a citizen of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Wow. To remember that special time, we took a few pics of our Vietnamese-American!
Can you believe how excited she was after 20 hours of traveling :o)
We still had two more flights to go :o)
I can't wait to until the day Julianne will be an official American citizen too!
She is in the USA on a green-card right now.
And here is our American made baby :o)
Hillary Ashton was almost the exact same age as Sophie Le is now!
Speaking of Hill first baby.
I am so proud of the sweet, caring little girl she is growing up to be.
I just LOVE that she is a dreamer.
I have always wanted to be a dreamer :o)
I admire her artist abilites and her outgoing spirit.
When I was loading the girls up to take Hillary Ashton to school a few days ago,
I noticed that she is really looking older.
I just had to take a few extra minutes to snap a few pics of my kindergartener :o)
In true Hillary Ashton fashion, she turned it on for the camera!
Is it wrong that I LOVE the fact that she still needs help putting her belt on? Ha!
And I am happy to report that Miss Julianne has TWO more teeth poking through! Whoo Hoo. For those of you keeping count...that will be a total of FOUR 17 months old. I will continue to pray that their are more in there ;o) Here's that sweet baby that has stolen my heart...
In honor of Veteran's Day, here is a song I heard for the first time last weekend at the Oak Ridge Boys concert...yes, the Oak Ridge Boys :o) It is a really beautiful song. The boys may be getting older, but they still got it :o) Haha!
For some reason, I cannot get the video to embed so...
Also, just to add to the sweetness of the song, G.I. Joe and Lillie are the singer's parents...awe!

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