Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mid-week update...

Just a quick little warning...this post is completely random and doesn't include smooth transitions :o)

A DHS worker called this week to get Julianne's social security number because she didn't have any info for Julianne in her file. However, we don't have it yet. We are waiting to readopt her here in Arkansas and get her name changed so her social security card will have her American name on it. Anyways, I told her that I could send her a copy of Julianne' s Ethiopian birth certificate for her file and that was fine. I pulled Julianne's Ethiopian adoption paperwork out of the safe and I noticed that the final adoption paperwork was signed on June 16, 2009...her FIRST cool is that? So, back to her birth certificate...It is so different that our older girls' American birth certificates. It has her picture stapled in the corner and is printed on glossy card stock. The picture was taken right after she was put in the orphanage. She looks sooooo different. Another cool thing that I think I have mentioned before is that her legal name right now is Fanose Neil Arnold. The girls call her this a lot :o) Neil is really pushing to keep Neil in her American name :o) I guess he figures this may be his only shot to have a namesake :o) So her name would be Julianne Fanose Neil Arnold. Neil has always been against giving our girls' four names...until now...haha! I thought you guys might like to see what an Ethiopian birth certificate looks like...
Julianne's Adoption Paperwork (5)

Hillary Ashton has been home from school all this week and I have LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I really thought I would get use to having her in kindergarten after a couple months...hasn't happened yet. We have enjoyed easy mornings watching cartoons in our pjs, going for donuts, cooking and Thanksgiving crafts. I have enjoyed listening to my baby read lots of books. I hope she always has an excitement for reading. I have not missed getting up early, rushing around and sitting in the carpool lane! Needless to say, I am not looking forward to Monday morning!

The girls have got along great this week with only a few little spats :o) The main form of punishment around our house is time-outs. The girls always know where to go sit no matter what part of the house we are in. The thing that always gets me is that who ever is in trouble rarely goes to time-out by themselves :o) If Hillary Ashton goes to time-out, Sophie Le usually goes and sits beside her. Sophie Le knows she isn't in trouble. If she wants a toy or something to drink she will get up and go get the whatever she wants and return to sit with Hillary Ashton. She knows that if she is in actual time-out, she isn't allowed to get up. I guess she just likes being with her sister. Julianne does the same thing when Sophie Le goes to time-out. It really cracks me up! Julianne doesn't understand everything we say so I am not sure what she is thinking when she goes to sit with Sophie Le, but she always seems happy about it :o) Here is a pic of Sophie Le sitting with Hillary Ashton a couple months ago...

I don't really know what to say about these kittens. They really seem to like being carried around like babies, walked on a leash and pushed around in a toy stroller. This can't be normal, can it?
This is "Princess Lola"
That's "Meow"

If you are in the shopping mood, I have two discounts codes that might come in handy. You can use the Ann Taylor Loft discount as often as you want, but I think the Gymboree discount will only be good once, so who ever gets it...enjoy!

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Also, please keep little baby peanut in your prayers. He is still in the hospital and they are still running tests. His hospital caseworker expects the doctor to discharge him this weekend. We can't wait to get him home and love on him!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends tomorrow!

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Heather M. said...

Ahh...your pictures are fab & no, not all kittens act like that!! You got lucky girl or your little ones have some magic spell ;)
Hope your new little foster baby is better soon so you can bring him to your home & love on him!! I know the girls will be so excited.
Happy Holidays!
I do love having my boys home with me especially during this fun time of year! Homeschooling is nice; never imagined I would like it the way I do & they are doing wonderful. Didn't miss getting up at 6:30 this morning to take them out in the cold to school....we started at 9! Thankfully, we all have choices in this wonderful country!

Heather M.