Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tiger Tunes, Playtime, Well-babies & New baby!

A few weeks ago, Hillary Ashton and I went to Tiger Tunes at Ouachita (OBU). OBU is the school I graduated from and if we win the lottery, I would love for the girls to go there too :o) Haha! Tiger Tunes is a show put on each year at homecoming. Different groups compete with their original song and dance numbers to raise money for scholarships. Tiger Tunes was right up Hillary Ashton's ally! She cheered and danced her little heart out. During intermission, she asked several of the performers to take a picture with her. It was really the sweetest thing!

It was cold and wet when we got there, but we did get to walk around a bit and I showed her my dorm and a few other buildings. She loved everything :o) She told me she is ready for college and wanted me to be her roommate :o)

In front of Berry Chapel
She was soooo proud! Btw, she cannot keep her eyes open when there is a flash on the camera, but she still smiles :o) I think this girl was Tri Chi for all you OBU folks.
This girl was either an EEE or OSF...they both had big red bows :o)
Reading the program...that thing clipped to her dress is a compass. She helped direct me to Arkadelphia :o)
A few years ago, OBU started imprinting graduate names in concrete. I was so pleased to see that they decided to start at the year 2000 - my graduation year! Hillary Ashton was shocked to discover that my last name used to be different :o)

The quality is bad on this pic (I was trying to do it without flash), but I still love it! Hillary Ashton thought it was soooo funny to have Ju Ju on her back!
Looks like Julianne is enjoying herself!
When we were in Ethiopia, we saw kids as young as Hillary Ashton carrying babies like this. Sadly, it was out of necessity, not as a part of playtime.

This morning I took the two little girls to the doctor for their well-baby visits. I am happy to report they are both doing great :o) Both girls are still small for their age. Sophie Le is in the 10% on height, but 50% on weight and Julianne is just the opposite...10% on weight, but 50% on height. Soooooooooooooooo thankful to have healthy babies!
Healthy, but silly!
One more...Daddy and his girls

Please keep our family and our new foster baby in your prayers. We are picking him up from the hospital either tomorrow or Friday.

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